The UCF Actuarial Club is to inform students about the actuarial profession and to further the goals of those students interested in pursuing a career as an Actuary. In addition, the club will strive to have UCF become the center of an actuarial information network serving students, educators, local companies, and professionals in the central Florida area. It open to all UCF students and to any person interested in the actuarial profession.

The Actuarial Club at the University of Central Florida is dedicated to helping students pass actuarial exams as well as assisting in their preparation for the actuarial profession. It also facilitates communication among students and between students and prospective employers. The club provides a variety of activities and services to its members, including preview sessions for each exam, an internship portfolio presentation, an interview panel, a resume workshop, discussions about the different types of insurance, discussion of insurance v/s consulting, recruiting information, pizza parties, etc.

Officers Elect, 2021 – 2022

  • President: Marcus Huetter
  • Vice President: Caitlyn Claar
  • Treasurer: Grace Defazio
  • Secretary: Kyle Tanner
Actuary Club Website