Dr. Groff is a senior lecturer of anthropology who specializes in archaeology and bioarchaeology. Dr. Groff received her PhD in Anthropology from the University of Florida in 2015. Her primary area of research utilizes stable isotopes to determine migration and social mobility of ancient individuals. Currently, Dr. Groff also participates in research associated with the Cape Canaveral Archaeological Mitigation Project (CCAMP) in Florida and the Kerkenes Archaeological Project in Turkey. In addition to teaching, Dr. Groff also serves as the Online Coordinator for the UCF Department of Anthropology.

Since 2002, Dr. Groff has participated in many archaeological investigations, including work in Australia, Belize, Egypt, Italy, and more recently in Florida and Turkey. Dr. Groff joined the UCF faculty in 2009 and teaches The Human Species; General Anthropology; Maya Archaeology; Australian Archaeology and Indigenous Cultures; Archaeology of Complex Societies; Florida Archaeology; North American Archaeology; Mesoamerican Archaeology; Ancient Incas; African Archaeology and Prehistory; Magic, Ritual, and Belief; Peoples of the World; Cultural Anthropology; and Sex, Gender, and Culture.

Awards and Honors: Dr. Groff won the inaugural Chuck D. Dziuban Excellence in Online Teaching Award in 2012 and has been recognized for her outstanding teaching with the two Teaching Incentive Program Awards, the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Award, and the College of Sciences and University Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Awards. Additionally, in 2021, Dr. Groff was recognized for her advising with the University Excellence in Faculty Advising Award.

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