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Dr. Uribe-Romo’s research group investigates the synthesis of framework materials for applications in alternate energy systems. Efforts are focused in the design of organic and inorganic molecular components with known solution-state properties to be incorporated in solid state materials in the form of metal-organic and covalent-organic frameworks. These molecular components will provide the frameworks the ability to perform physicochemical relevant to alternate energy such as photocatalysis, electric and ionic conductivity, and non-linear optical activity. His lab group comprises a variety of chemistry and materials science sub disciplines, such as organic, inorganic, organometallic, and solid-state synthesis, crystallography, materials characterization, electrochemistry, photonics, catalysis, and computational design and theory.

UCF Team Tricks Solid Into Acting as Liquid

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Undergraduate Research Excellence

The Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence (SURE) was held on April 2, 2015 as a part of 2015 Research Week at UCF.  SURE celebrates undergraduate research and creativity across the university curricul... Read more

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