Chemistry and Forensic Science Award Winners- Congratulations!

Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 Chemistry and Forensic Science student awards. The recipients were chosen from both undergraduate and graduate areas of studies, according to their performance in specific classes, research and other UCF achievements.

The winner of the W.W. McGee Forensic Science award for the most outstanding chemistry or forensic science major went to Desiree Becher, nominated by Jack Ballantyne, Ph.D.

Gerardo Sibaja won the Forensic Chemistry award. Kayley Jenks won the Microscopy award. Bianca Olivieri won the Forensic Biochemistry award.

The award for Analytical Chemistry went to Anna Vitenkova. Kyle Langlois won the award for Biochemistry. The award for Inorganic Chemistry went to Aaron Chau, and Duaa Malik won for Organic Chemistry. The Physical Chemistry award went to Lorianne Schultz.

The Freshman Award, for the most outstanding freshman chemistry or forensics major, went to Bridgette Kish.

The Graeme and Hazel Baker Award goes to an outstanding chemistry or forensic science major who has graduated in the previous summer, fall or current spring semester. This year, the award went to Charles Verduzco.

The chemistry student with the next highest level of achievement is awarded the American Institute of Chemists Award. This year, Brittany Mueller received it.

The Kathleen McIntyre Award is awarded to a graduate student based on their teaching, research and class performance. This year, it went to two students: Hugh Hayes and Julie Donnelly.

Nominated by Fernando Uribe-Romo, Ph.D.,  Giovanna Pope won the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Award in Undergraduate Organiz Chemistry. This award recognizes a top, graduating senior who has demonstrated excellence in organic chemistry based on a combination of research experience, coursework and a desire to pursue a career in chemistry.

And the UKnighted Chemistry Graduate Student Association Member of the Year Award goes Michelle Corbally.

You can download more photos of the event here.

Congratulations to our chemistry and forensic science students!

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