COS Faculty Awarded for Excellence

Throughout the year, faculty members work incredibly hard to bring quality education to UCF. To reward their hard work, the university offers the incentive award programs. The intent of the award programs is to recognize and promote faculty excellence and productivity that respond to and support the mission of UCF.

The UCF Teaching Incentive Program rewards sustained high levels of teaching effectiveness. The university’s Research Incentive Awards reward outstanding achievements in research, scholarly and creative activities. Finally, the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning awards are coordinated by the UCF Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning and reward outstanding achievements in research and other scholarly and creative activities that focus on the effectiveness of teaching methods.

Please join us in congratulating the following faculty members!


Teaching Incentive Program Winners

John Walker, Ph.D., Anthropology

Rani Vajravelu,Ph.D., Biology

Linda Walters, Ph.D., Biology

Seth Elsheimer, Chemistry

Rick Brunson, Communication

Sally Hastings,Ph.D., Communication

William Kinnally, Ph.D., Communication

Enrique del Barco, Ph.D., Physics

Peter Jacques, Ph.D., Political Science

Karen Mottarella, Ph.D., Psychology

Charles Negy, Ph.D., Psychology

Amy Donley, Ph.D., Sociology


UCF Research Incentive Award Program Winners

John Weishampel, Ph.D., Biology

Andres Campiglia, Ph.D., Chemistry

Zenghu Chang, Ph.D., Physics

Enrique del Barco, Ph.D., Physics


Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Winners

Kerstin Hamann, Ph.D., Political Science

Liz Grauerholz, Ph.D., Sociology

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