COS Faculty Promotion and Tenure

Promotion is a mark of accomplishment and a gratifying recognition from one’s peers. Because of their hard work and dedication, the following staff members have been promoted at UCF.

Promotion to Professor

Tosha Dupras, Anthropology

Pedro Quintana-Ascencio, Biology

Enrique del Barco, Physics

Viatcheslav Kokoouline, Physics

Michael Mousseau, Political Science


Promotion to Associate Professor and/or Recommendation for Tenure

Joshua King, Biology

Richard Klemm, Physics

Mark Neider, Psychology

Shannon Carter, Sociology


Promotion to Associate Lecturer

Peter Sinelli, Anthropology

Walter Sotero, Biology

Donovan Dixon, Chemistry

Andrew Frazer, Chemistry

Pedro Patino, Chemistry

Tammy Muhs, Mathematics

Jeffrey Bindell, Physics

Elena Flitsiyan, Physics

Alisha Janowsky, Psychology

Paula Reynoso, Psychology


Promotion to Associate Instructor

Joan McCain, Nicholson School of Communication

Steven Neel, Nicholson School of Communication

Stephanie Rice, Nicholson School of Communication


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