Statistics Professor Celebrates Retirement

IMG_3215After more than 30 years of service to the UCF community, Associate Instructor of Statistics, Susan Schott, is retiring.

Susan has been an instructor in the Department of Statistics since 1982. During her 34 years of service, she has received 3 Teaching Incentive Program (TIP) awards and has touched the lives of hundreds of statistics students through her influential teaching and mentorship.

On April 28, the statistics department held a reception for Susan, to celebrate her retirement and thank her for her years of dedication to the university. IMG_3188Faculty, staff, graduate teaching assistants and undergraduate students from the department were all in attendance, as well as a surprise visit from Susan’s son and personal friends.

Statistics Department Chair Shunpu Zhang, Ph.D., spoke on behalf of the department, thanking Susan and stating how “[w]e are forever grateful to Susan for helping make the statistics department great.

Many other faculty and staff praised Susan on her wonderful qualities as an instructor, mentor and friend.

Tori-Gaye Atterbury and Caitlyn Hutton, undergraduate students in Susan’s STA 2023 class, spoke about how “Professor Schott was extremely caring… she was IMG_3218always there for you, whether you had questions about statistics, UCF or about life in general.”

Susan explained her “…proudest moments were watching students succeed.” She thanked the attendees and expressed her gratitude to the department and university. During the reception, Dr. Zhang presented Susan with a recognition award for her service during her time here at UCF.


Susan shared more about her time at UCF, her career, and advice to students in the spotlight questions below:

What attracted you to UCF?

My husband and I moved to Atlanta after graduating from the University of Florida. We really missed living in Florida and were thrilled at the opportunity to work at UCF.

What is your best UCF memory?

I don’t have a particular fondest memory. I can say getting to know so many students is what I treasure the most of my years at UCF. There is always a handful of students that you get to know quite well, and some you stay in touch with after they leave UCF.

What piece of advice would you give to current and future statistics students?

I would tell the students to continue to learn after you graduate. It doesn’t have to only be in your particular field, but you should always be broadening your horizons.

What do you do for fun?

I like to read, garden, watch college football and spend time at the beach. I hope to have plenty of time to enjoy all of these things in my retirement!

The UCF College of Sciences and the Statistics Department wishes Susan well in her retirement.


Susan Schott Retirement Reception

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