UCF Alumna Creates Her Own Path

Recent UCF graduate Nicolette Jackson has a passion for people and a desire to impact legislature. She spent this past summer working in the District Office of state Rep. Sharon Pritchett as she makes preparations to head to law school.

While Jackson’s degree is in Social Sciences, she also obtained three minors in sociology, anthropology and mass communications through UCF’s Interdisciplinary program. This particular blend of interests was inspired by a Sex, Gender and Culture class Jackson took during her first semester as a Knight.

“I grew to enjoy learning about other people and societies and discussing topics out of the norm. Anthropology and sociology were new to me, but I knew I wanted to take more courses in that area,” she said.

She originally entered UCF with the intention to study journalism, but realized it wasn’t entirely what she wanted. She then tried biology, but still struggled to find where her true passion was. After her experience with those two majors, Jackson thought back to her Sex, Gender and Culture class and was driven to study anthropology and sociology. Combined with her enjoyment of writing and communication, Jackson created an education program to accommodate her interests.

Now, her passion for people and culture is helping her during her time with District Office 102, where she is frequently immersed in the community. This summer Jackson helped District Office 102 partner with small businesses to host three back-to-school events for local families. They contributed backpacks and school supplies to students in elementary and middle school.

Jackson also listens to and helps Miami constituents who may be struggling with jobs, healthcare, or living arrangements. Her work in the district office highlights how hard she worked as a student, propelling her into preparing for law school.

“I want to utilize my social skills, write scholarly journals and change the law. What better way to change the law than to be a part of it?” she said.

Law school will allow Jackson to continue fostering her interests in people and society to build success and make an impact on legislation and the community.

To students still in the midst of their studies, Jackson wants to emphasize perseverance when faced with tough times and urges students to resist the temptation to quit. She also recommends asking for guidance if it’s needed. She credits her advisers Lin Huff-Corzine, Ph.D. and Elizabeth Grauerholz, Ph.D., both from the Sociology Department, for helping her find the right path.

Congratulations, Nicolette! Way to Charge On!

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