Electrodynamics III

EDIII Syllabus
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Note: Check the syllabus for the different subset of Sections below that will be covered each year

Volume 2

Section 34 The virial theorem
Section 35 The energy-momentum tensor for macroscopic bodies
Section 52 Characteristic vibrations of the field
Section 53 Geometrical optics
Section 54 Intensity
Section 55 The angular eikonal
Section 56 Narrow bundles of rays
Section 57 Image formation with broad bundles of rays
Section 58 The limits of geometrical optics
Section 59 Diffraction
Section 60 Fresnel diffraction
Section 61 Fraunhofer diffraction
Section 65 The Lagrangian to terms of second order
Section 68 Dipole radiation during collisions
Section 69 Radiation of low frequency in collisions
Section 70 Radiation in the case of Coulomb interaction
Section 71 Quadrupole and magnetic dipole radiation
Section 72 The field of the radiation at near distances
Section 73 Radiation from a rapidly moving charge
Section 74 Synchrotron radiation (magnetic bremsstrahlung)
Section 75 Radiation damping
Section 78 Scattering of light by free charges

Volume 8

Section 4 A conducting ellipsoid
Section 8 A dielectric ellipsoid
Section 9The permittivity of a mixture
Section 12 Electrostriction of isotropic dielectrics
Section 13 Dielectric properties of crystals Daglish1998
Section 14
The sign of the dielectric susceptibility.
Section 23 The contact potential
Section 24 The galvanic cell
Section 26 Thermoelectric Phenomena
Section 37 Magnetic symmetry of crystals
Section 38 Magnetic classes and space groups
Section 39 Ferromagnets near the Curie point
Section 64 Excitation of currents by acceleration
Section 79 The dispersion of the magnetic permeability
Section 81 The stress tensor in dispersive media
Section 85 Geometrical optics
Section 87 The surface impedance of metals
Section 88 Propagation of waves in an inhomogeneous medium
Section 89 The reciprocity principle
Section 90 Electromagnetic oscillations in hollow resonators
Section 91 The propagation of electromagnetic waves in waveguides
Section 92 The scattering of electromagnetic waves by small particles
Section 93 Absorption of electromagnetic waves by small particles
Section 97 A plane wave in an anisotropic medium
Section 98 Optical properties of uniaxial crystals
Section 103 Spatial Dispersion
Section 104 Natural Optical Activity
Section 105 Spatial dispersion in optically inactive media
Section 106 Spatial dispersion near an absorption line
Section 107 Frequency transformation in non-linear media
Section 113 Ionization losses by fast particls in matter: the non-relativistic case
Section 117 The general theory of scattering in isotropic media
Section 124 The general theory of x-ray diffraction