Electrodynamics I

EDI Problems
Section 1 Velocity of propagation of interaction, Michelson 1881, Eisele, Yu, and Schiller 2009
Section 2 Intervals
Section 3 Proper time
Section 4 The Lorentz transformation, Minkowski 1909
Section 5 Transformation of velocities
Section 6 Four-vectors
Section 7 Four-dimensional velocity
Section 8 The principle of least action
Section 9 Energy and momentum
Section 15 Elementary particles in the theory of relativity
Section 16 Four potential of a field
Section 17 Equations of motion of a charge in a field
Section 18 Gauge invariance
Section 19 Constant electromagnetic field
Section 20 Motion in a constant uniform electric field
Section 21 Motion in a constant uniform magnetic field, Post’s 1958 paper on the pyrotron
Section 22 Motion of a charge in constant uniform electric and magnetic fields
Section 23 The electromagnetic field tensor
Section 24 Lorentz transformation of the field
Section 25 Invariants of the field
Section 26 The first pair of Maxwell’s equations
Section 27 The action function of the electromagnetic field
Section 28 The four-dimensional current vector, FeinbergGoldhaber 1959 paper on stability of the electron
Section 29 The equation of continuity
Section 30 The second pair of Maxwell equations
Section 31 Energy density and energy flux
Section 32 The energy-momentum tensor
Section 33 Energy momentum tensor of the electromagnetic field
Section 36 Coulomb’s law
Section 37 Electrostatic energy of charges
Section 38 The field of a uniformly moving charge
Section 39 Motion in the Coulomb field
Section 40 The dipole moment
Section 41 Mulitpole moments
Section 42 System of charges in an external field
Section 43 Constant magnetic field
Section 44 Magnetic moments
Section 45 Larmor’s theorem
Section 46 The wave equation
Section 47 Plane waves
Section 48 Monochromatic plane waves Mayor & Queloz 1995
Section 49 Spectral resolution NelsonJQE2001
Section 50 Partially polarized light, Chandrasekhar’s 1947 paper first application of Stokes parameters, Sparks 2009 paper on using Stokes parameters to detect life, CPL vision by mantis shrimp
Section 51 The Fourier resolution of the electrostatic field
Section 62 The retarded potentials
Section 63 The Lienard-Wiechert potentials
Section 64 Spectral resolution of the retarded potentials
Section 66 The field of a system of charges at large distances
Section 67 Dipole radiation