Fall 2008

Darcy Cope

Advisor: Dr. Tosha Dupras
Title of Thesis: Bent Bones: The Pathological Assessment of Two Fetal Skeletons from the Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt.
Download: Thesis – Fall 2008 (.pdf)

Lucas Martindale-Johnson

Advisor: Dr. Arlen Chase
Title of Thesis: Tools of a Local Economy: Standardization and Function Among Small Chert Tools from Caracol, Belize
Download: Thesis – Fall 2008 (.pdf)

Daniel Schooler

Advisor: Dr. Leslie Lieberman
Title of Thesis:Haitian American Mother’s Health and Dietary Beliefs Concerning their Infants
Download: Thesis – Fall 2008 (.pdf)

Jesse Sloan

Advisor: Dr. Elayne Zorn
Title of Thesis: The Gendered Alter: Wiccan Concepts of Gender and Ritual Objects
Download: Thesis – Fall 2008 (.pdf)

Andrea Slusser

Advisor: Dr. Arlen Chase and Dr. Diane Chase
Title of Thesis:Discerning Migration in the Archeological Record: A Case Study at Chichén Itzà
Download: Thesis – Fall 2008 (.pdf)

Summer 2008

Stevie Mathews

Advisor: Dr. Tosha Dupras
Title of Thesis: Diagnosing Anencephaly in Archaeology: A Comparative Analysis of Nine Clinical Specimens from the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History, and One from the Archaeological Site of Kellis 2 Cemetery in Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt
Download: Thesis – Summer 2008 (.pdf)