Fall 2014

Suzanne Draper

Advisor: Dr. Beatriz Reyes-Foster
Title of Thesis: Catholic Healing Masses: The Intersection of Health and Healing in Yucatán
Download: Draper_S

Marc Marino

Advisor: Dr. Arlen Chase and Dr. Diane Chase
Title of Thesis:Chert Tool Production and Exchange at Two Late Postclassic Coastal Maya Households
Download: Marino_M

Kristi Marrero

Advisor: Dr. Rosalyn Howard
Title of Thesis: Speaking with the Orishas: Divination and Propitiation in the Lucumí Religion
Download: Marrero_K

Summer 2014

Lori Epstein

Advisor: Dr. J. Marla Toyne
Title of Thesis: A spatial analysis of Chachapoya mortuary practices at La Petaca, Chachapoyas, Peru
Download: Epstein_L

Cayli Meizel-Lambert

Advisor: Dr. John Schultz
Title of Thesis: Chemical Differentiation of Human Osseous, Non-human Osseous, and Non-osseous Materials Using Scanning Electron Microscopy – Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometry (SEM/EDX) and Multivariate Statistical Analysis
Download: MeizelLambert_C

Katherine Page

Advisor: Dr. Tosha Dupras and Dr. Lana Williams
Title of Thesis: Bioarchaeological assessment of diet and changes in femoral and humeral stable isotope signatures among subadults at Medieval Alytus, Lithuania
Download: Page_K

Alexander Rivas

Advisor: Dr. Arlen Chase
Title of Thesis: Traversing the Terrain: A Least Cost Analysis on Intersite Causeways in the Maya Region
Download: Rivas_A

Katie Whitmore

Advisor: Dr. Tosha Dupras
Title of Thesis: Diet at medieval Alytus, Lithuania: Stable carbon and nitrogen isotope analysis of bone and dentin collagen                                                                                                            Download: Whitmore_K

Spring 2014

Brittany Hoback

Advisor: Dr. Rosalyn Howard
Title of Thesis: Sharing Aloha on the Mainland: Cultural Identity and Connecting to Heritage Through Commercial Luau Shows in Central Florida                                                                 Download: Hoback_B