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Multifunctional Polyelectrolyte Nanofibers.
Polyelectrolyte nanofibers are produced through electrospinning. The research focuses on loading various metal ions in polyelectrolyte fibers and fabricate materials on fibers through chemical reactions such as hydrolysis and reduction, and etc. The obtained multifunctional nanofibers have potential applications in catalysis, water treatment and tissue engineering.

Polymer and ceramic composites with carbon nanotubes and graphene
Carbon nanotubes and graphene are used to improve the electrical conductivity and mechanical properties of various polymers. Carbon nanotubes and graphene are also added to preceramic polymers to produce polymer derived ceramics (PDCs) with high electrical conductivity and thermal/chemical stability.

Conjugated Polymer Self-assembly Structures
The major research themes in molecular electronics are the construction of electronic circuits in which molecular systems act as connection elements, measurement and understanding of their voltage-current response. The research aims at investigate assembling behavior of conjugated polymers on graphitic surfaces. It is discovered that the assembly structure depends on polymer molecular structures and surface curvature of graphitic surfaces.


Selected Publications

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  10. Zhai, L. “Stimuli-Responsive Polymer Films” Chem. Soc. Rev. 2013, 42, 7148.


Graduate and undergraduate students will be trained in a multidisciplinary environment. Students will have the opportunity to acquire the skill in using various material characterization instrument and develop problem solving skills.

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