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5 College of Sciences’ students who exemplify well-rounded excellence through leadership, academic achievement, extracurricular activities, and service to the university and community, were recently selected to serve on the 2016-2017 President’s Leadership Council (PLC).

Chosen by a committee of faculty, staff, and students, the President’s Leadership Council is comprised of ambassadors for the university in a variety of situations and settings, both on and off campus. In return, the council seeks to cultivate and refine the skills and abilities of these top students. PLC members are expected to establish a tradition of leadership for students at UCF.


Kimberly Batres: Junior, Anthropology and Latin American Studies/History Minors – Kimberly hopes to acquire her M.A./Ph.D in archaeology in order to do field work in Latin America.

“Applying to PLC, I was both excited and nervous… I demonstrated the person I was to the selection committee and it seemed to have paid off. There is no model PLC member, everyone is unique and brings something different by being yourself you are demonstrating what you can bring to the table.”


Enrique Blanco - PLC 3Enrique Blanco: Senior, Chemistry (Biochemistry Track) – Enrique has worked with Karin Chumbimuni-Torres, Ph.D., in her Analytical Chemistry lab focusing on different Ion-Selective Electrodes, as well as working with Dmitry Kolpashchikov’s, Ph.D., conducting research in Nucleic Acid-Based Logic Gates through the Honors in the Major Program.

“I’m beyond excited and honored to have been selected to serve on UCF’s President’s Leadership Council. I encourage all students, to pursue their goals, no matter how far fetched or unfitting they may seem, through strong will and perseverance, anything can be achieved.”


Friant_HeadshotRachel Friant: Junior, Political Science (Pre-Law)/English Literature Minor- Rachel is currently researching Education Policy in Florida for her Honors in the Major Thesis and plans to attend law school after UCF and pursue a career in juvenile justice or family law.

“My advice to other students is to maintain a healthy balance in your life. With the tremendous pressure to maintain a perfect GPA, be involved on campus, and get work experience, you can not forget the things that you enjoy. Give your best at everything including making yourself happy.”


Lauren Gandy: Senior, Forensic Science (Biochemistry Track)/French and Biomedical Minors – Lauren focuses on forensics research with Candice Bridge, Ph.D., at the National Center for Forensic Science and is working on a French undergraduate thesis through the Honors in the Major program under Anne-Charlotte Trinquet, Ph.D.

“Receiving the PLC acceptance notification was such a great moment, and it reminded me of how far I had come. I would have never applied to something like PLC when I was first accepted to UCF….it truly goes to show that UCF changes people by giving them opportunities, and if you take advantage of opportunities and maximize your potential, you can truly succeed.”


Tai-lyn - PLC

Tai-Lyn Parboosingh: Junior, Political Science and Public Administration – Tai-Lyn currently serves on the Legislative branch of the Student Government Association as a College of Sciences Senator. She hopes to become a change agent in all three levels of government as an elected official.

I applied for the President’s Leadership Council because I wanted to be immersed in a great group of leaders who I personally look up to and hope to learn and grow from…I urge all students to search for what their passions and desires are so that they are living the life that they dreamed of and not settling for what they believe is a more realistic approach.”


Below are COS students that were accepted into the PLC last year and have been approved to serve another year on the council:

Isel BedgoodPolitical Science

Gabrielle HigginsPolitical Science

Daniel KleimanPsychology

Elizabeth SantiagoPsychology

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