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The Faculty Center for Teaching & Learning (FCTL) has a comprehensive guide to assist with multiple classroom scenarios here.

What to do if a Student/Other non-employee is Injured in Class/Lab
Time is critical when handling incidents such as this, so it is important to immediately notify EH&S Risk Management so they can provide guidance and assistance to the faculty or staff member handling the situation.


  • Immediately call 911.
  • Then follow steps of non-emergency


  • Escort student to Student Health Center
    • After hours of operation the student should go to a preferred treatment center or CentraCare: 11550 University Blvd, (407)277-5758.
    • If transportation is not otherwise available, the student should be transported by a GTA, faculty or staff. Preferably, a department vehicle should be used.
    • Students are responsible for covering the cost of their treatment.
  • Complete any documentation required by your department. These steps need to be completed within 24 hours of the incident.

Removing a Student from Class

Office of Student Conduct (407)823-4638 or University Police (407)823-5555 (911).
Unfortunately, there are also times when a student needs to be removed from a class. If the police or student conduct need to arrest or remove a student from campus, they will come into a classroom as a last resort.

  • If this needs to happen, a representative from the Office of Student Conduct will attempt to contact the course instructor prior to the start of class to make you aware this is necessary. This representative may be accompanied by either plain-clothes or uniformed officers. While every attempt is made to not disrupt a class, this may not always be possible.
  • The officers and Conduct representative have the safety of the offending student, the other students in the classroom, and the instructor in mind as a part of this process.