P-cards act very similarly to company credit cards and are available to certain faculty and staff.

Who is eligible for a P-card and how do I request one?

Only Deans, Directors, Chairs, or Vice Presidents may make requests for employees to receive a P-card. P-cards may be requested for A&P staff, faculty, USPS, and OPS employees who are involved in travel and/or frequently purchasing commodities for their department. Personal Credit Scores will not be considered for P-card approval.

If I am approved to receive a card, what else do I need to do?

All requests must be accompanied by a completed Cardholder Profile, a Cardholder Agreement, and an Ethics and Purchasing Certification Form. These forms can be found here: http://fa.ucf.edu/Forms/Forms.cfm#Forms_PCard

All future P-card holders must also complete and achieve an 80% or higher in a P-card training course (FPO 115).

If you have additional questions about a P-card (such as purchasing, responsibilities, troubleshooting, etc.), the following resources are available:

UCF F&A Contacts- http://fa.ucf.edu/Procurement_Card/Contact_Info.cfm

Procurement Card Manual- http://fa.ucf.edu/Procurement_Card/Publications/Publications.cfm

Procurement Card FAQ- http://fa.ucf.edu/Procurement_Card/Publications/PCARD_FAQ.PDF

Prohibited Expenditures list- http://fa.ucf.edu/Procurement_Card/Publications/prohibUses.pdf