How This Works 

  1. Faculty must contact the COS Manager, Contracts and Grants at to alert of your intent to apply for sponsored funding as soon as possible. All documentation accompanying a proposal submission must be received by the COS Pre-Award team no later than ten (10) business days prior to the Sponsor’s deadline Submission of the FP in the HRS system by the 5-day OR deadline will not be guaranteed otherwise. All FPs must be submitted by COS Pre-Award. OR will not accept FP submissions submitted directly from PIs, the FP will be redirected to COS Pre-Award if that occurs. This will allow the COS Pre-Award team time to work with faculty to finalize the full proposal documents.
  1. The COS Pre-Award team will initiate the draft FP no later than five (5) business days prior to the Sponsor’s deadline date (no need for the PI to initiate the PTF).
  1. The PI(s) will be notified by the COS Pre-Award team to address any information regarding Human Subjects, Animals, Space requirements, COI Certifications, etc., as instructed.
  1. The COS Pre-Award team will submit the FP (Funding Proposal) five business days before the sponsor deadline, which will begin the routing/approval process in HRS. After this time, FPs will not be able to be modified. COS Pre-Award will work with OR to make sure all documents are compliant and special requests/exceptions are properly authorized. If changes are needed (only regarding technical narratives), COS Pre-Award will notify the PI and implement the corresponding changes in HRS. PIs will still be able to upgrade the technical narrative content of the proposal until 2 business days before the sponsor deadline.
  1. Special cases/exceptions: a) If you plan to request “cost-share” funds from OR, the FP will then be required to be in ARGIS and submitted ten (10) business days in advance of the Sponsor’s deadline to allow the VP of Research to review. If approved, a 50% match will also be required by the Department. b)Exceptions to the internal 5-day deadline will be reviewed in a case-by-case basis. c) Always alert the COS Pre-Award of any multi-disciplinary projects you will be listed on as a “Co-I” as COS is required to approve these in HRS along with the lead PI located in another College/Department.


5-Day Rule Extension

Under certain extenuatingcircumstances, a request for an extension to the 5-day rule may be submitted for approval. Please follow the procedures outlined below. 

Please note: Extension requests are decided upon strictly on a case-by-case basis by the Vice President of Research, Dr. Elizabeth Klonoff.

  1. Send a request for an extension notice to the Associate Dean of the College of Sciences, Dr. Enrique del Barco, (copy your COS Pre-Award team member assisting with the proposal). Be sure to include a detailed justification of why the extension is needed.
  2. Await Dr. del Barco’s response.
  3. If Dr. del Barco is in agreement, send a request to Dr. Elizabeth Klonoff inclusive of a detailed justification. This should state why the extension is needed along with Dr. del Barco’s approval (copy your COS Pre-award team member).


Office of Research (OR)

For all sponsored funding requests, OR is the only office vested with the authority to sign research proposals and contracts on behalf of the University of Central Florida. According to UCF Policy Number 4-214  – OR must submit all funding requests on behalf of faculty, inclusive of subcontracts (when UCF is receiving funds to do work as part of another entity’s project). Note that OR includes the UCF Research Foundation, Inc.