Our team maintains records of COS Space Inventory and coordinates with departments on space needs. The departments listed below are the university-level contacts for space administration, construction, and renovations.

Space Administration

Space Administration (Space Admin) facilitates the university’s space request and allocation process, maintains an accurate space inventory for internal and external reporting purposes, and provides analyses and information that support the instructional, research, and administrative space needs of the university and its respective colleges and divisions. Space Admin works closely with UCF Facilities Planning and Construction and the Registrar’s Office.

Space Admin processes the following forms relating to use of space for

  • Request for Space
  • Change of Room Function
  • Transfer of Space

These forms are submitted as tickets and routed to the Department Chair and Dean for Approval. To initiate a request/ticket, please contact COSFacilities or Jennifer Steele.

Facilities Planning and Construction

The Facilities Planning and Construction (FP&C) Department is responsible for the administration of all campus projects – whether remodels, renovations, additions, or new construction. The role of FP&C is to help assess the need for and provide physical facilities to support the academic, research, and service mission of the University. FP&C can provide Design Services (Feasibility Studies, Space Planning and Analysis, Concept Design) when requested. FP&C will also professionally manage Major and Minor Projects to ensure that they conform to UCF Standards, that all required permits are in place, and that final as-built conditions are properly documented.

More information about Minor Projects and the request form can be found here: https://fp.ucf.edu/minor-projects/

The COS Facilities team coordinates with Facilities Planning & Construction on college-level or high-priority projects.