Research Areas

Research Interests:

  • Bioremediation – combining geochemical, biological, hydrogeological, and engineering solutions to soil, sediments, groundwater, and surface water remediation
  • Aqueous biogeochemistry (freshwater and marine)
  • Fate and transport of metals and organic/inorganic chemical species in aqueous and sediment environments
  • Microbial ecology of aqueous and sediment environments

The focus of Dr. Beazley’s research includes the fate and transport of contaminants in our environment. She studies both terrestrial and marine systems in order to understand how contaminants affect not only the biogeochemistry of an ecosystem but also the microbial ecology. Contaminants that are studied include heavy metals/radionuclides, hydrocarbons, dispersants, fertilizers/pesticides, pharmaceuticals/personal care products, and excess nutrients. She is specifically interested in harnessing the metabolic activities of microorganisms to aid in the remediation of containments in situ. Current projects include the microbial degradation of PAHs in marine environments as a result of oil spills, phosphorus cycling in natural waters, effects of metals and emerging contaminants on the microbiome of natural ecosystems, and microbial source tracking.

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