Welcome Message

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics at the University of Central Florida. The mission of the department is to offer the opportunity for excellence and development to students with visionary and relevant programs of high quality at the undergraduate and graduate levels and to advance mathematical research to benefit society.

To accomplish this mission the faculty and the staff of the department have set high goals. The department aims to provide the best undergraduate mathematics program in the state of Florida. We offer doctoral and masters programs that encourages student to develop into mathematicians. We also foster a dedication to world-class research by faculty and students at all levels in a broad variety of areas of mathematics.

Mathematics is in the broadest sense the study of structure. Through quantification, relationships, and modeling, mathematics provides us with the intellectual structural framework that permits us to develop an understanding of the phenomena that envelops us. The skills that are developed in mathematical training have broad application in the workplace. Graduates with degrees in mathematics are well prepared for a variety of careers and are in high demand from employers who require analytical skill, data organization, and problem solving. Training in mathematics also earns the approbation of admission committees for legal, medical, and other professional training. This means that graduates in mathematics are able to pursue job careers with high salaries and high job-satisfaction.

On behalf of the Department of Mathematics of the University of Central Florida I want to invite you to explore our website and to consider the accomplishments of our faculty and students. I further invite you to join us in these tasks. It is from these efforts that the future begins.