The UCF Math Department has offered the PhD program in Mathematics since Fall 1993 with a  Financial Mathematics track added in Fall 2017,  the Master program in Mathematics since Spring 1971 with  an Industrial Mathematics track added in Fall 2000 and a Financial Mathematics track added in Fall 2017, and the Graduate Certificates in Mathematical Sciences since Fall 2009 with Financial Mathematics track and  Data Modeling track added since Fall 2020.

The UCF Math graduate program admits new PhD and Master students in the Fall and Spring semesters, and new graduate certificate students in the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.

All underrepresented or undeserved American students with the talent and the ambition are encouraged to apply for the UCF math graduate program and to earn a doctoral degree in a mathematical science.

The program has 46 active PhD students and 12 active master students. 15 PhD students are taking Dissertation hours. (Fall 2022)

The program currently  offers  42 graduate teaching assistantship and 2 graduate research assistantship for students in the PhD program and 3 graduate teaching assistantship for students in the master program.  (Fall 2022)

The program has 9 PhD  and 5 Master students joined the graduate community in the fall 2022 with two awarded with Dean’s fellowship.   The program admits students in the spring and fall semesters. Students admitted the PhD/master program at Fall 2022  received their master/bachelor degrees from Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (India), Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (Brazil), Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Russia), National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli (India), Nova Southern University, Stetson University, Tribhuvan University (Nepal), University of Central Florida, University of Colombo (Sri Lanka), University of North Florida, University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez, and University of South Florida.

The  program has awarded  96 PhD degrees (Fall 2022).

PhD degree is conferred for 4 students in the spring 2022/summer 2022, and  for 34 students  since 2016.  They have tenure-track position at Middle Tennessee State University (2020),  and postdoc positions at University of Albany (2021),   Michigan State University (2020), Washington University in Saint Louis (2020), Boston College (2020),  University of Maryland (2019), Southern University of Science and Technology (China, 2019), University of Wyoming (2019),  KTH Royal Institute of Technology(Sweden, 2019), Duke University (2017), College of William and Mary (2017), University of  Stuttgart (Germany, 2016), and  King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (Saudi, 2016). They also have professorship in university or community college, and  jobs in government agencies and  the industry such as Citi Group Tampa and Dallas (2022).

The faculty in the Department of Mathematics includes leading experts in many fields and editors of many prestigious  journals. Faculty members include invited speakers at the International Congress of Mathematics, the Marcus Wallenberg Prize winner, the ICTP  Ramanujan Prize winner, Fellow of the Bazilian Academic of Science, Fellows of the American Mathematical Society, and two National Science Foundation Career awardees.

UCF Math Department has been a silver member of  Math Alliance since 2017.