Graduate Facts

The UCF Math Department has offered the PhD program in Mathematics since Fall 1993 with a  Financial Mathematics track added in Fall 2017,  the Master program in Mathematics  since Spring 1971 with  an Industrial Mathematics track added in Fall 2000 and a Financial Mathematics track added in Fall 2017, and the Graduate Certificates in Mathematical Sciences since Fall 2009.

The UCF Math graduate program admits new PhD and Master students in the Fall and Spring semesters, and new graduate certificate students in the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.

The program has 55 active PhD students, 13 active master students, and 38 active graduate certificate students (Fall 2017).

The program currently offers 49 graduate teaching/research assistantship (Fall 2017).

The program admitted 14 new PhD students,  3 master students and  26 graduate certificate students in 2017.

The  program has awarded  71 PhD degrees, 356 Master degrees and 11 Mathematical Science Certificates since 1971 (Fall 2017).

The faculty in the Department of Mathematics includes leading experts in many fields and editors of many prestigious  journals. Faculty members include invited speakers at the International Congress of Mathematics, the Marcus Wallenberg Prize winner, the ICTP  Ramanujan Prize winner, Fellow of the Bazilian Academic of Science, Fellows of the American Mathematical Society, and a National Science Foundation Career awardee.

9 students were awarded PhD degrees since 2016. Four of them have postdoc positions, two in university or community college, one in a government agency and two in the industry.