Graduate News

  1. The PhD and Master program will add Financial Mathematics tracks in Fall 2017 (04/13/2017)
  2. Aritra Dutta (PhD 2016), a Postdoc at the University of Edinburgh and KAUST, Saudi Arabia

    Aritra Dutta (PhD 2016)  will be a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Edinburgh, with joint affiliation at the Visual Computing Center in KAUST, Saudi Arabia. In Dr. Dutta’s own words, “six years of rigorous training under the supervision of professors Xin Li and Qiyu Sun made me think creatively about problems and I developed an inquisitive mind.” Quoted from his comments to the graduate program, “the faculties in the math department are working on cutting edge research problems and there are ample opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration. If you have the strong quest to learn and you believe in giving your best as a graduate student, UCF can help you to flourish as a complete researcher. You can reach your dream and compete with students from top schools all over the world.”

  3. Congratulation to Matthew Russo (recipient of the  2016 Norman  award for excellence in Mathematics), Daniel Marulanda (recipient of the 2016 Master’s thesis award), Arita Dutta and Tyler Gomez (recipients of the 2016 Armstrong award for distinguished teaching) and Daniel Giney (recipient of the 2016 MALL award for excellence in tutoring by a graduate student). 04/2017
  4. Cheng Cheng
    Cheng Cheng (PhD student)

    Cheng Cheng is on the College of Sciences’ Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  She equates her success to the faculty members who supported her and the resources that the school offers.  Cheng said. “Being brilliant is not enough to succeed in your Ph.D. pursuit. You have to be able to persist. You have to be able to bounce back when things go wrong.” (04/2017)

  5. Martin Rolek (advisor: Zixia Song) passed the dissertation defense on April 5, 2017. The title of his dissertation is Coloring Graphs with Forbidden Minors. (04/2017)
  6. Cheng Cheng, Mangalagama Dewasurendra, Arielle Gaudiello, Rasika Rajapakshage and Alexander York participated the 14th Annual Research Forum of the University of Central Florida on April 4, 2017.  The forum features poster displays and provides an opportunity for students to showcase their research and creative projects. (04/2017)
  7. Calvin Wassmuth (Master 1978) was appointed as IT Service Delivery Mgr. at DXC (04/2017)
  8. Professor Bard Ermentrou (Distinguished University Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Pittsburgh) gave a graduate career talk, “Toys! Toys! Toys!”  (03/30/2017).
  9. The math graduate program is rank No. 134  in  U.S. News & World Report’s Best Graduate Schools of 2018. The Best Graduate Schools rankings are based on peer and expert opinions about the quality of a program and some statistical data that measures the quality of a school’s faculty, research and students. COS News (03/2017)
  10. Professor Richard Stanley (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and University of Miami) gave graduate career talk, “My early mathematical career”. Professor  Stanley is the Norman Levinson Professor of Applied Mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and  a member of  National Academy of Sciences and Fellow of American Mathematical Society. (02/24/2017)
  11.  The Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI) 2017 Summer Graduate Schools accepted Wei Yan’s application to attend SMS 2017: Contemporary Dynamical Systems (Canada) with financial support.  (02/2017)
  12. Yu Feng published a paper on stationary and time–periodic patterns of two–predator and one–prey systems with prey in  Volume 37 of the journal Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems Series A.  01/2017
  13. Cheng Cheng, Aritra Dutta,  Martin Rolek gave talks in special sessions at AMS Annual meeting, Atlanta, 2017.  Cheng Cheng received Graduate Student Travel Grants from AMS to attend the annual meeting.  (01/2017)
  14. Ashish Bhatt
    Ashish Bhatt (PhD 2016), Postdoc at the University of Stuttgart

    Ashish Bhatt is currently a postdoc research associate, Institute of Applied Analysis and Numerical Simulation at University of Stuttgart. 12/2016

  15. Congratulation to  Yi Zhu (recipient of the  2016 Research Excellence Award),  Ashish Bhatt (recipient of the 2016 Teaching Excellence Award),  Rajitha Puwakgolle (recipient of the 2016 Teaching Assistant Award) and Arita Dutta  (recipient of the 2016 Outstanding Dissertation Award).  11/2016
  16. Ashish Bhatt (Advisor: Brian Moore), Arita Dutta (advisors: Xin Li and Qiyu Sun)  and Yi Zhu (Advisor: Yuanwei Qi) passed their defense and awarded PhD degrees. 11/2016
  17. Arita Dutta and Pawan Gupta attended Distributed and Parallel Data Analysis Workshop,  September 21 – 23, 2016, at SAMSI (09/2016)
  18. Mangalagama Dewasurendra published papers in International Journal of Applied and Computational Mathematics and Communications in Numerical Analysis. (09/2016)
  19. NSA host an information session on the Summer Program for Operations Research Technology (SPORT).  09/2016
    Robert Muise (PhD 2003, ), Lockheed Martin
  20. Robert Muise (PhD 2003 Advisor: Ram Mohapatra, Master 1990, Bachelor 1988) was honored as the UCF Mathematics Department’s 2016 College of Sciences Outstanding AlumKnight.  Dr. Muise currently serves as a senior staff engineer in the applied research department for Lockheed Martin – Missile & Fire Control, where he’s worked since 1998.  COS NEWS, 07/2016
  21. Congratulation to Ariello Gaudiello to make the finalists for the 2016 AIMS Student Paper Competition at the 11th AIMS Conference on Dynamical Systems, Differential Equations and Applications, which was held on July 1 – July 5, 2016, in Orlando.
  22. Yvette Kanouff (Master 1993) currently serves as the Senior Vice President/General Manager of the Cisco’s Service Provider Business. He was among 14 named to the 50th anniversary class of Cable TV Pioneers, 2016.  She also founded the Yvette Kanouff Industrial Mathematics Scholarship   and explore his interview on mathematics and technology. (05/2016)
    Yvette Kanouff
    Yvette Kanouff (Master 1993), Senior Vice President/General Manager at Cisco
  23. Congratulation to Arielle Gaudielle. She was chosen to receive the 2015-2016 university award for Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching by the UCF Graduate Council. The UCF Graduate Council recommended Arielle for this award based on her extensive credentials that demonstrate the significant contribution she has made as a student teacher in the mathematics department. COSNEWS  04/2016
  24. Congratulation to Thanapat Phoolsuk, who received  the 2016 Yvette Kanouff Industrial Mathematics  Scholarship (04/2016)
  25. Qiyu Sun was appointed as the UCF Math graduate program coordinator in Fall 2015.
  26. Bert Culpepper (Master 1982), Technical support engineer at ServiceNow from February 2015.
  27. Dr Robert Van Gorder (PhD 2014, supervisors: David Kaup and Kuppalapalle Vajravelu) join the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford as a research
    Robert A Van Gorder (PhD 2014)

    Fellow.  His general research interests lie in applications of mathematics and the analysis of nonlinear differential equations. These include approximation, perturbation, and numericalmethods, nonlinear PDEs, dynamical systems, fluid dynamics and turbulence, mathematical physics, integrable systems and nonlinear waves, solid mechanics, game theory and mathematical economics, mathematical biology and chemistry.

  28. Morgan Phillips (Master 1991) is named as President of the West and Desert Vista Campuses at Pima Community College, July 2014
  29. Dr. Kamran Sadiq (PhD 2014, supervisor: Alexander Tamasan) joined Johann Radon Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics (RICAM) as research scientists on Inverse Problems and Mathematical Imaging.
    Kamran Sadiq (PhD 2014)
  30. Joseph Brennan was appointed as the UCF Math graduate program coordinator in Fall 2012.
  31. Alison Hammack received the first graduate certificate of mathematical science, Spring 2012.
  32. Haimei Shao (PhD 2011, Advisor: Jiongmin Yong)  was a Quantitative Researcher in Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond and is currently at BB&T Funds Management. Featured in the UCF graduate catalog, Dr. Shao said  “Four years of rigorous training under Jiongmin Yong, PhD at UCF made her capable of analyzing and solving problems in the real world by looking into the roots of the problem and creating the solutions from the roots as well.”
  33. Haimei Shao
    Haimei Shao (PhD, 2011), Quantitative Researcher at BBT Funds Management

    Mark Crutccher (Master 1976) is appointed as Database Administrator at AAA National. 10/2010

  34. Jing Zhang (Master 2004) is appointed as VP, Credit Risk Management Manager at Bank of America, 09/ 2010.
  35. The UCF graduate program will offer the Graduate Certificates in Mathematical Sciences in Fall 2009.
  36. Xin Li was appointed as the UCF Math graduate program coordinator in Fall 2006.
  37. Wu Jing  (PhD 2006, advisor: Deguang Han) is currently a professor at Department of Mathematics,  Fayetteville State University. Featured in the UCF Graduate Catalog 2016, Dr. Jing said “The Department of Mathematics of UCF is one of the best math departments in the nation. The outstanding faculty members and the strong academic atmosphere made UCF a great place to pursuit advanced degree in mathematics” and “I have benefited a lot in both research and teaching from the faculty members and my fellow graduate students. Without the experience at UCF, I would not have gone this far.”
    Wu Jing
    Wu Jing (PhD 2006), Professor at Fayetteville State University
  38.  Robert Anschuetz (Master 1995) had new position: Training Section Manager at General Dynamics C4 Systems (12/2006)
  39. Aaron Masino (PhD 2004, Advisor: Cynthia Young) is currently the supervisor of data science research for the Department of Biomedical and Health Informatics (DBHi) at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Featured in the UCF Graduate Catalog 2016, “As a graduate student, I had the opportunity to conduct research, publish papers in international journals, give presentations at professional conferences and assist in the management of a research team,” Dr. Masino says. “Very few graduate students are afforded all of these opportunities.”
  40. Sidra I. Van De Car (PhD 2003, advisor: Xin Li) is currently a Professor of Mathematics at Valencia College East Campus.
  41. Mohammed Alotaibi received the first Master degree with Industrial Math Track, Spring 2003.
  42. Ram Mohapatra was appointed as the UCF Math graduate program coordinator in Fall 2001.
  43. John Pask
    John Pask (Master 1994), Physicist at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

    John Pask (Master 1994) joined the EOS & Materials Theory group at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in 2001.

  44. The UCF Math Master Program will add  an Industrial Mathematics track in Fall 2000.
  45. Ahmed I. Zayed was appointed as the UCF Math graduate program coordinator in Fall 1999.
  46. Kevin Brown (PhD 1999, advisor: S. Roy Choudhury) is currently the Professor and Chair of Mathematics,  Southern Adventist University.
  47. Deborah Kelly and Jing Minkler are awarded the first two PhD degrees of the program in Spring 1998.
  48.  David Rollins was appointed as the UCF Math graduate proram coordinator in Fall 1996.
  49.  Piotr Mikusinski was appointed as the UCF Math graduate program coordinator in Fall 1993.
  50. The UCF Math Department will offer the PhD program in Mathematics since Fall 1993.
  51. Larry Andrews was appointed as the UCF Math graduate program coordinator in Spring 1971.
  52. The UCF Math department will offer the Master program in Spring 1971.