Masters Program

Masters Program in Mathematics

Our Masters Degree Program provides a broad base in mathematics for students interested in mathematical careers.

Incoming students may select a track in either Mathematical Sciences or Industrial Mathematics. First-year students in the Mathematical Sciences track take core course sequences. Those selecting a track in Industrial Mathematics will instead have a program of study and course selection approved by the Graduate Coordinator. In the second year, all students are expected to complete at least one more course sequence.

Every student must choose either a thesis or a non-thesis option. Students selecting the thesis option will pursue research which culminates in a defense. Students selecting the non-thesis option will instead take a comprehensive examination toward the end of their studies.

Students pursuing the thesis option are encouraged to choose a research direction, find a thesis advisor, and form a committee before the end of the third semester of study. The non-thesis option can be completed with 30 credit hours and a Masters-level pass of the qualifying examination.

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