August 4, 2014


The Math Department has offered the PhD program since 1993 with a financial mathematics track added in Fall 2017. The program has awarded  74 PhD degrees since 1998.  The university has a website that includes current data on all UCF doctral graduates.

Doctoral Graduates




Dr. Majid Noroozi (Advisor Marianna Pensky)
Estimation and Clustering in Block Models

Dr. Ramchandra Rimal (Advisor:  Marianna Pensky)
Estimation and Clustering in Network and Indirect Data

Dr. Wei Yan (Advisor: Jiongmin Yong)
Mean Field Optimal Control and Related Problems

Dr. Jason Bentley (Advisor: Piotr Mikusinski)
Transfunctions and Other Topics in Measure Theory


Dr. Nathaniel Adu (Advisor: Gary Richardson)
Spatial Models with Specific Error Structures

Dr. Pawan Gupta  (Advisor: Marianna Pensky)

Solution of linear ill-posed problems using overcomplete dictionaries

Dr. Elliot Blackstone (Advisor: Alexander Tovbis)
Spectral properties of the finite Hilbert transform on two adjacent intervals via the method of Riemann-Hilbert problem

Dr.  Christian Bosse (Advisor: Zixia Song)
Hadwiger Numbers and Gallai-Ramsey Numbers of Special Graphs

Dr. Mangalagama Dewasurendra (Advisor: Kuppalapalle Vajravelu)
Semi-Analytical Solutions of Non-linear Differential Equations Arising in Science and Engineering

Dr. Arielle Gaudiello (Advisor: Zhisheng Shuai)
Mathematical Investigation of the Spatial Spread of an Infectious Disease in a Heterogeneous Environment

Dr. Ted Juste (Advisor: Deguang Han)
Frames and Phase Retrieval

Dr.  George Nguyen (Advisor: Ram  Mohapatra)
Variational inclusions with general over-relaxed proximal point and variational-like inequalities with densely pseudomonotonicity

Dr. Rasika Rajapakshage (Advisor: Marianna Pensky)
Estimation and clustering in statistical ill-posed linear inverse problems

Dr. Jingmei Zhang (Advisor: Zixia Song)
Two Ramsey-related Problems

Dr. Frederick Reid (Advisor:  Gary Richardson)
Lattice-Valued T-Filters and Induced Structures


Dr. Rajitha Puwakgolle Gedara (advisor: Xin Li)
In Quest of Bernstein Inequalities: Rational Functions, Askey-Wilson Operator, and Summation Identities for Entire Functions

Dr. Kyle Trainor (Advisor: Joseph Brennan)
Hilbert Series for Graphs, Hypergraphs, and Monomial Ideals

Dr. Alexander York (Advisor: Joseph Brennan)
Quasi-Gorenstein Modules.



Tyler Gomez (advisor: Jason Swanson)
Filtering Problems in Stochastic Tomography

Cheng Cheng (advisors: Xin Li and Qiyu Sun)
Sampling and Reconstruction of Spatial Signals

Martin Rolek (advisor: Zixia Song)
Coloring graphs with forbidden minors



Ashish  Bhatt (advisor:  Brian Moore)
Structure-preserving finite difference methods for linearly damped differential equations 

Aritra Dutta (advisor: Xin Li and Qiyu Sun)
Weighted low-rank approximation of matrices: some analytical and numerical aspects

Matthew Russo (advisor:  Sudipto Choudhury)
Building Lax Integrable Variable-Coefficient Generalizations to Integrable PDEs and Exact Solutions to Nonlinear PDEs

Jeff Shape (advisor:  Andrew Nevai)
A mathematical model for feral cat ecology with application to disease.

Maria Strawn (advisor:  Constance Schober)
Modeling rogue waves in deep water

Yi Zhu (advisor: Yuanwei  Qi)
Computational Study of Traveling Wave Solutions and Global Stability of Predator-Prey Models



Lei, Ge (advisor: M. Nashed)
Calibration of Option Pricing in Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space

Siple, Angela (advisor: P. Mikusinski
Integral Representations of Positive Linear Functionals



Baxter, Mathew (advisor: K. Vajravelu)
Analytical solutions to nonlinear differential equations arising in physical problems

Haussermann, John (advisor: D. Dutkay)
Tiling Properties Of Spectra Of Measures

Krylov, Roman (advisor: A. Katsevich)
Inversion of the Broken Ray Transform

Martinenko, Evgeny (advisor: M. Pensky)
Functional Data Analysis and its application to cancer data

Sadiq, Kamran (advisor: A. Tamasan)
On the range of the Attenuated Radon Transform in strictly convex sets 

Van Gorder, Robert A. (advisors: D. Kaup and K. Vajravelu)
Nonlinear Dispersive Partial Differential Equations of Physical Relevance with Applications to Vortex Dynamics

Veras, Johann (advisor: A. Tamasan)
Electrical Conductivity Imaging via Boundary Value Problems for the 1-Laplacian 



Benhaddou, Rida (advisor: M. Pensky)
Nonparametric and Empirical Bayes Estimation Methods

Losert, Bernd (advisor: G. Richardson)
Extensions Of S-spaces

Michalak, Martin (advisor: B. Shivamoggi)
Dynamical Invariants And The Fluid Impulse In Plasma Models

Pecora, Keri Ann (advisor: S. Choudhury)
Partially Integrable Pt-symmetric Hierarchies Of Some Canonical Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations 

Pehlivan, Saliha (advisors: D. Han and R. Mohapatra)
Spectrally Uniform Frames And Spectrally Optimal Dual Frames

Pridemore, Kathryn (advisor: M. Pensky)
Accelerated Life Model with Various Types of Censored Data

Ramesh Gayatri (advisors: Q. Sun and R. Mohapatra)
Modified Pal Interpolation And Sampling Bilevel Signals With Finite Rate Of Innovation



Ahmadi Abhari, Seyed Hamed (advisor: J. Brennan)
Quantum Algorithms For: Quantum Phase Estimation, Approximation Of The Tutte Polynomial And Black-box Structures



Alrud, Bengt (advisor: D. Dutkay)
Fractal Spectral Measures in Two Dimensions

Chen, Teng (advisor: J. Brennan)
Algebraic Aspects of (Bio) Nano-Chemical Reaction Networks And Bifurcations in Various Dynamical Systems

Davis, Justin (advisor: M. Pensky)
Bayesian Model Selection for Classification with Possibly Large Number of Groups

Riddlesworth, Tonya (advisor: J. Ren)
Estimation for the Cox Model with Various Types of Censored Data

Shao, Haimei (advisor: J. Yong)
Price Discovery In The U.S. Bond Market Trading Strategies And The Cost Of Liquidity

Smith, Todd Blanton (advisor: S. Choudhury)
Variational Embedded Solitons, and Traveling Wavetrains Generated by Generalized Hopf Bifurcations, in Some NLPDE Systems

Galiffa, Daniel J. (advisor: M. Ismail)
The Sheffer B-type 1 Orthogonal Polynomial Sequences

Konate, Souleymane (advisor: A. Katsevich)
Efficient Cone Beam Reconstruction For The Distorted Circle And Line Trajectory

Lopez, Jerry (advisor: D. Han)
Optimal Dual Frames For Erasures And Discrete Gabor Frames

Macon, Lisa Fisher (advisor: Y. Zhao)
Almost Regular Graphs and Edge-Face Colorings of Plane Graphs

Shi, Qiling (advisor: Q. Sun)
Weighted Lp-stability For Localized Infinite Matrices

Sweet, Erik (advisor: K. Vajravelu)
Analytical And Numerical Solutions Of Differentialequations Arising In Fluid Flow And Heat Transfer Problems


Boustique, Hatim (advisors: G. Richardson and R. Mohapatra)
Lattice-valued Convergence: Quotient Maps

Bryant, Donald (advisors: X. Li and M. Shah)
Analysis Of Kolmogorov’s Superposition Theorem And Its Implementation In Applications With Low And High Dimensional Data.

Khosravi, Mehrdad (advisor: P. Mikusinski)
Pseudoquotients: Construction, Applications, And Their Fourier Transform

Landon, Benjamin (advisor: R. Mohapatra)
Degree of Approximation of Holder Continuous Functions



Flores, Paul (advisor: R. Mohapatra)
Categorical Properties Of Lattice-valued Convergence Spaces

Holmquist, Sonia (advisor: R. Mohapatra)
An Examination of the Effectiveness of the Adomian Decomposition Method in Fluid Dynamic Applications

Mancas, Stefan C. (advisor: S. Choudhury)
Dissipative Solitons in the Cubic-Quintic Complex Ginzburg-Landau Equation: Bifurcations and Spatiotemporal Structure

Vogel, Thomas (advisor: D.J. Kaup)
Soliton Solutions Of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations Using Variational Approximations And Inverse Scattering Techniques

Wlodarczyk, Tomasz (advisor: C. Schober)
Stability And Preservation Properties Of Multisymplectic Integrators



Cowan, Doris C. (advisors: L. Andrews and C. Young)
Effects Of Atmospheric Turbulence On The Propagation Of Flattened Gaussian Optical Beams

He, Bin (advisor: J. Ren)
Application Of The Empirical Likelihood Method In Proportional Hazards Model

Jing, Wu (advisor: D. Han)
Frames in Hilbert C*-Modules

Singh, Neeta (advisor: D. Rollins)
Epidemiological Models For Mutating Pathogens With Temporary Immunity

Vetelino, Frida (advisor: C. Young)
Fade Statistics for a Lasercom System and the Joint PDF of a Gamma-Gamma Distributed Irradiance and Its Time Derivative



Bradshaw, David (advisor: M. Pensky)
Decision Theory Classification Of High-dimensional Vectors Based On Small Samples 

Heard, Astrid (advisor: M. Pensky)
Application Of Statistical Methods In Risk And Reliability 

Salman, Mohamed (advisor: J. Cannon)
Utilization of Total Mass as a Control in Diffusion Processes



Amezziane, Mohamed (advisor: M. Taylor)
Smoothing Parameter Selection In Nonparametric Functional Estimation

Edwards, Heather (advisor: M. Taylor)
Measures Of Concordance Of Polynomial Type

Masino, Aaron (advisor: C. Young)
The Wave Structure Function and Frequency Variance of Optical Waves in Moderate to Strong Atmospheric Turbulence With Application to Laser Radar



Boncek, J. (advisor: D. Han)
Studies in tight frames and polar derivatives

Korotkova, Olga (advisor: L.C. Andrews)
Model for a Partially Coherent Gaussian Beam in Atmospheric Turbulence with Applications for Lasercom and LIDAR Systems

Muise, R. (advisor: R. Mohapatra)
Quadratic Filters for Automatic Pattern Recognition

VanDeCar, Sida (advisor: X. Li )
Inequalities Involving Complex Rational Functions

Zamyatin, Alexander (advisor: A. Katsevich)
 Analysis of Cone Beam Reconstruction in Computer Tomography



Boissy, Y. (advisor: G. Richardson)
Parameter Estimates for Fractional Autoregressive Spatial Processes



Al Habash, Ammar (advisor: L.C. Andrews)
The Aperture Averaged Scintillation of the Intensity of a Gaussian Laser Beam Propagated Through Strong Optical Turbulence and Reflected By Various Targets

ElHor, A. (advisor: M. Pensky)
Statistical Estimation of the Locations of Lightning Events



Brown, K. (advisor: S. Choudhury)
Linear and Nonlinear Kelvin-Helmholtz Instabilities of High Velocity Magnetized Shear Layers With Generalized Polytrope Laws



Kelly, D. (advisor: L.C. Andrews)
Temporal Propagation Characteristics of Ultrasound Space-Time Gaussian Pulses In A Laser Satellite Communication System

Minkler, Gary (advisor: G. Richardson)
Regularity And Compactness in Fuzzy Convergence Spaces

Minkler, Jing Q. (advisor: G. Richardson)
On the Regularity of Probabilistic Convergence and Filter Spaces

Tanriver, U. (advisor: S. Choudhury)
One And Two Dimensional Coherent Structures Of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations Via Painlevé Analysis


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