August 4, 2014


The Math Department has offered the PhD program since 1993 with a financial mathematics track added in Fall 2017. The program has awarded  95 PhD degrees since 1998.  The university has a website that includes current data on all UCF doctoral graduates.

Doctoral Graduates Database




Dr. David Guinovart Sanjuan (Advisor: Kuppalapalle Vajravelu), Summer

Computation of effective properties of smart composite materials with generalized periodicity using the two-scales asymptotic homogenization method

Dr. Feng Yu (Advisor: Teng Zhang), Summer, Postdoc at University at Albany – State University of New York

Regularized Estimations in Some Statistical Problems




Dr. Nazar Emirov (Advisor: Qiyu Sun), Fall, Postdoc at Boston College
Distributed algorithms and inverse graph filtering

Dr. Majid Noroozi (Advisor: Marianna Pensky), Summer, Postdoc at Washington University at Saint Louis
Estimation and Clustering in Block Models

Dr. Ramchandra Rimal (Advisor:  Marianna Pensky), Summer, Assistant Professor of Department of Mathematics, Middle Tennessee State University
Estimation and Clustering in Network and Indirect Data

Dr. Wei Yan (Advisor: Jiongmin Yong), Summer, Postdoc at Michigan State University
Mean Field Optimal Control and Related Problems

Dr. Jason Bentley (Advisor: Piotr Mikusinski),  Spring
Transfunctions and Other Topics in Measure Theory


Dr. Nathaniel Adu (Advisor: Gary Richardson), Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Pacific Union College
Spatial Models with Specific Error Structures

Dr. Pawan Gupta  (Advisor: Marianna Pensky), Postdoc at University of Maryland

Solution of linear ill-posed problems using overcomplete dictionaries

Dr. Elliot Blackstone (Advisor: Alexander Tovbis), Postdoc at Michigan State University
Spectral properties of the finite Hilbert transform on two adjacent intervals via the method of Riemann-Hilbert problem

Dr.  Christian Bosse (Advisor: Zixia Song)
Hadwiger Numbers and Gallai-Ramsey Numbers of Special Graphs

Dr. Mangalagama Dewasurendra (Advisor: Kuppalapalle Vajravelu), Senior Lecturer at University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
Semi-Analytical Solutions of Non-linear Differential Equations Arising in Science and Engineering

Dr. Arielle Gaudiello (Advisor: Zhisheng Shuai)
Mathematical Investigation of the Spatial Spread of an Infectious Disease in a Heterogeneous Environment

Dr. Ted Juste (Advisor: Deguang Han)
Frames and Phase Retrieval

Dr.  George Nguyen (Advisor: Ram  Mohapatra)
Variational inclusions with general over-relaxed proximal point and variational-like inequalities with densely pseudomonotonicity

Dr. Rasika Rajapakshage (Advisor: Marianna Pensky), Senior Lecturer University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka
Estimation and clustering in statistical ill-posed linear inverse problems

Dr. Jingmei Zhang (Advisor: Zixia Song)
Two Ramsey-related Problems

Dr. Frederick Reid (Advisor:  Gary Richardson)
Lattice-Valued T-Filters and Induced Structures


Dr. Rajitha Puwakgolle Gedara (advisor: Xin Li)
In Quest of Bernstein Inequalities: Rational Functions, Askey-Wilson Operator, and Summation Identities for Entire Functions

Dr. Kyle Trainor (Advisor: Joseph Brennan)
Hilbert Series for Graphs, Hypergraphs, and Monomial Ideals

Dr. Alexander York (Advisor: Joseph Brennan)
Quasi-Gorenstein Modules.



Tyler Gomez (advisor: Jason Swanson)
Filtering Problems in Stochastic Tomography

Cheng Cheng (advisors: Xin Li and Qiyu Sun)
Sampling and Reconstruction of Spatial Signals

Martin Rolek (advisor: Zixia Song), Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Kennesaw State University
Coloring graphs with forbidden minors



Ashish  Bhatt (advisor:  Brian Moore), Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines), Dhanbad

Structure-preserving finite difference methods for linearly damped differential equations 

Aritra Dutta (advisor: Xin Li and Qiyu Sun)
Weighted low-rank approximation of matrices: some analytical and numerical aspects

Matthew Russo (advisor:  Sudipto Choudhury)
Building Lax Integrable Variable-Coefficient Generalizations to Integrable PDEs and Exact Solutions to Nonlinear PDEs

Jeff Shape (advisor:  Andrew Nevai)
A mathematical model for feral cat ecology with application to disease.

Maria Strawn (advisor:  Constance Schober)
Modeling rogue waves in deep water

Yi Zhu (advisor: Yuanwei  Qi)
Computational Study of Traveling Wave Solutions and Global Stability of Predator-Prey Models



Lei, Ge (advisor: M. Nashed)
Calibration of Option Pricing in Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space

Siple, Angela (advisor: P. Mikusinski
Integral Representations of Positive Linear Functionals



Baxter, Mathew (advisor: K. Vajravelu)
Analytical solutions to nonlinear differential equations arising in physical problems

Haussermann, John (advisor: D. Dutkay)
Tiling Properties Of Spectra Of Measures

Krylov, Roman (advisor: A. Katsevich)
Inversion of the Broken Ray Transform

Martinenko, Evgeny (advisor: M. Pensky)
Functional Data Analysis and its application to cancer data

Sadiq, Kamran (advisor: A. Tamasan), Research Scientist at RICAM, Austrian Academy of Sciences
On the range of the Attenuated Radon Transform in strictly convex sets 

Van Gorder, Robert A. (advisors: D. Kaup and K. Vajravelu), Senior Lecturer, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Otago, New Zealand
Nonlinear Dispersive Partial Differential Equations of Physical Relevance with Applications to Vortex Dynamics

Veras, Johann (advisor: A. Tamasan), Sr Optical Engineer at Lockheed Martin Corp.
Electrical Conductivity Imaging via Boundary Value Problems for the 1-Laplacian 



Benhaddou, Rida (advisor: M. Pensky)
Nonparametric and Empirical Bayes Estimation Methods

Losert, Bernd (advisor: G. Richardson)
Extensions Of S-spaces

Michalak, Martin (advisor: B. Shivamoggi)
Dynamical Invariants And The Fluid Impulse In Plasma Models

Pecora, Keri Ann (advisor: S. Choudhury)
Partially Integrable Pt-symmetric Hierarchies Of Some Canonical Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations 

Pehlivan, Saliha (advisors: D. Han and R. Mohapatra)
Spectrally Uniform Frames And Spectrally Optimal Dual Frames

Pridemore, Kathryn (advisor: M. Pensky)
Accelerated Life Model with Various Types of Censored Data

Ramesh Gayatri (advisors: Q. Sun and R. Mohapatra)
Modified Pal Interpolation And Sampling Bilevel Signals With Finite Rate Of Innovation



Ahmadi Abhari, Seyed Hamed (advisor: J. Brennan)
Quantum Algorithms For: Quantum Phase Estimation, Approximation Of The Tutte Polynomial And Black-box Structures



Alrud, Bengt (advisor: D. Dutkay)
Fractal Spectral Measures in Two Dimensions

Chen, Teng (advisor: J. Brennan)
Algebraic Aspects of (Bio) Nano-Chemical Reaction Networks And Bifurcations in Various Dynamical Systems

Davis, Justin (advisor: M. Pensky)
Bayesian Model Selection for Classification with Possibly Large Number of Groups

Riddlesworth, Tonya (advisor: J. Ren)
Estimation for the Cox Model with Various Types of Censored Data

Shao, Haimei (advisor: J. Yong)
Price Discovery In The U.S. Bond Market Trading Strategies And The Cost Of Liquidity

Smith, Todd Blanton (advisor: S. Choudhury)
Variational Embedded Solitons, and Traveling Wavetrains Generated by Generalized Hopf Bifurcations, in Some NLPDE Systems




Galiffa, Daniel J. (advisor: M. Ismail), Associate Professor of Mathematics, Penn State  Beherd.
The Sheffer B-type 1 Orthogonal Polynomial Sequences

Konate, Souleymane (advisor: A. Katsevich)
Efficient Cone Beam Reconstruction For The Distorted Circle And Line Trajectory

Lopez, Jerry (advisor: D. Han)
Optimal Dual Frames For Erasures And Discrete Gabor Frames

Macon, Lisa Fisher (advisor: Y. Zhao)
Almost Regular Graphs and Edge-Face Colorings of Plane Graphs

Shi, Qiling (advisor: Q. Sun)
Weighted Lp-stability For Localized Infinite Matrices

Sweet, Erik (advisor: K. Vajravelu)
Analytical And Numerical Solutions Of Differentialequations Arising In Fluid Flow And Heat Transfer Problems


Boustique, Hatim (advisors: G. Richardson and R. Mohapatra)
Lattice-valued Convergence: Quotient Maps

Bryant, Donald (advisors: X. Li and M. Shah), Associate Professor of Mathematics, Indian River State College
Analysis Of Kolmogorov’s Superposition Theorem And Its Implementation In Applications With Low And High Dimensional Data.

Khosravi, Mehrdad (advisor: P. Mikusinski)
Pseudoquotients: Construction, Applications, And Their Fourier Transform

Landon, Benjamin (advisor: R. Mohapatra)
Degree of Approximation of Holder Continuous Functions



Flores, Paul (advisor: R. Mohapatra)
Categorical Properties Of Lattice-valued Convergence Spaces

Holmquist, Sonia (advisor: R. Mohapatra)
An Examination of the Effectiveness of the Adomian Decomposition Method in Fluid Dynamic Applications

Mancas, Stefan C. (advisor: S. Choudhury), Professor of Mathematics, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.
Dissipative Solitons in the Cubic-Quintic Complex Ginzburg-Landau Equation: Bifurcations and Spatiotemporal Structure

Vogel, Thomas (advisor: D.J. Kaup), Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, Stetson University
Soliton Solutions Of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations Using Variational Approximations And Inverse Scattering Techniques

Wlodarczyk, Tomasz (advisor: C. Schober)
Stability And Preservation Properties Of Multisymplectic Integrators



Cowan, Doris C. (advisors: L. Andrews and C. Young)
Effects Of Atmospheric Turbulence On The Propagation Of Flattened Gaussian Optical Beams

He, Bin (advisor: J. Ren)
Application Of The Empirical Likelihood Method In Proportional Hazards Model

Jing, Wu (advisor: D. Han),  Professor of Mathematics at Fayetteville State University
Frames in Hilbert C*-Modules

Singh, Neeta (advisor: D. Rollins)
Epidemiological Models For Mutating Pathogens With Temporary Immunity

Vetelino, Frida (advisor: C. Young)
Fade Statistics for a Lasercom System and the Joint PDF of a Gamma-Gamma Distributed Irradiance and Its Time Derivative



Bradshaw, David (advisor: M. Pensky)
Decision Theory Classification Of High-dimensional Vectors Based On Small Samples 

Heard, Astrid (advisor: M. Pensky)
Application Of Statistical Methods In Risk And Reliability 

Salman, Mohamed (advisor: J. Cannon)
Utilization of Total Mass as a Control in Diffusion Processes



Amezziane, Mohamed (advisor: M. Taylor), Professor, Department of Statistics, Actuarial & Data Sciences, Central Michigan University
Smoothing Parameter Selection In Nonparametric Functional Estimation

Edwards, Heather (advisor: M. Taylor)
Measures Of Concordance Of Polynomial Type

Masino, Aaron (advisor: C. Young)
The Wave Structure Function and Frequency Variance of Optical Waves in Moderate to Strong Atmospheric Turbulence With Application to Laser Radar



Boncek, J. (advisor: D. Han)
Studies in tight frames and polar derivatives

Korotkova, Olga (advisor: L.C. Andrews)
Model for a Partially Coherent Gaussian Beam in Atmospheric Turbulence with Applications for Lasercom and LIDAR Systems

Muise, R. (advisor: R. Mohapatra)
Quadratic Filters for Automatic Pattern Recognition

VanDeCar, Sida (advisor: X. Li ), Professor of Mathematics, Valencia College
Inequalities Involving Complex Rational Functions

Zamyatin, Alexander (advisor: A. Katsevich)
 Analysis of Cone Beam Reconstruction in Computer Tomography



Boissy, Y. (advisor: G. Richardson)
Parameter Estimates for Fractional Autoregressive Spatial Processes



Al Habash, Ammar (advisor: L.C. Andrews)
The Aperture Averaged Scintillation of the Intensity of a Gaussian Laser Beam Propagated Through Strong Optical Turbulence and Reflected By Various Targets

ElHor, A. (advisor: M. Pensky)
Statistical Estimation of the Locations of Lightning Events



Brown, K. (advisor: S. Choudhury), Professor at Southern Adventist University
Linear and Nonlinear Kelvin-Helmholtz Instabilities of High Velocity Magnetized Shear Layers With Generalized Polytrope Laws



Kelly, D. (advisor: L.C. Andrews)
Temporal Propagation Characteristics of Ultrasound Space-Time Gaussian Pulses In A Laser Satellite Communication System

Minkler, Gary (advisor: G. Richardson)
Regularity And Compactness in Fuzzy Convergence Spaces

Minkler, Jing Q. (advisor: G. Richardson)
On the Regularity of Probabilistic Convergence and Filter Spaces

Tanriver, U. (advisor: S. Choudhury), Associate Professor at Bethune-Cookman University
One And Two Dimensional Coherent Structures Of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations Via Painlevé Analysis


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