The UCF Math graduate program offers about 12 graduate courses per spring/fall semester. and 2 graduate courses per summer semester.  Its graduate courses have 6 Prefixes: MAA (Mathamatics: Analysis);  MAD (Mathematics: Discrete); MAE (Mathematics Education); MAP (Mathematics: Applied);  MAS (Mathematics: Algebraic Structures); MAT (Mathematics); MTG (Mathematics: Topology and Geometry). To understand course information about course prefix and number, visit  Florida’s statewide course numbering system or ucf catalog.

Explore Math Graduate Courses at UCF for updated and detailed information about graduate courses offered by the program. If you do not see your courses listed, search among the graduate courses and the undergraduate courses, or contact the graduate program coordinator.

The following is a list of graduate courses offered in the last few years. Information in the round bracket following the course number is the semester offered and abbreviation of instructors. The first two digit is the year, the next two digits are the semester (01 for spring semester, 05 for summer semester and 08 for fall semester), and the last two letters are the first letter of instructor’s first and last name, and different instructors may have the same abbreviation. For the courses planned to offer, the semester information after the course number is in red. Some of syllabi are downloadable via the hyberlink.

MAA 5210: Topics in Advanced Calculus  (1301XL; 1308DD; 1401DD; 1501DD; 1508JL;1601ZL, 1801VS, 1808DD, 1908ALG, 2008ALG)
MAA 5228: Analysis I (1308XL; 1408JY; 1508PM;1608JY, 1708PM, 1808JY, 1908JY, 2008DD)
MAA 6229: Analysis II (1301DD; 1401XL; 1501JY; 1601PM; 1701JY, 1801PM)
MAA 6238: Measure and Probability I (1408JS;1508JS; 1608JS, 1808JS, 2008JS)
MAA 6245: Measure and Probability II (1601JS; 1701JS, 1901JS, 2101)
MAA 6306: Real Analysis (1308PM; 1408DD; 1608PM, 1901JY, 2001JY, 2101)
MAA 6404: Complex Analysis (1308AT; 1408RM; 1508AT;1608AT, 1801OT, 1908AT, 2008RJ, 2208)
MAA 6405: Complex Variables (1301DD, 1401RM; 1501GB; 1601DD, 1708AT, 1901MI, 2001RJ, 2201)
MAA 6416: Topology (1308JL; 1508GR, 1708BG,  2001JL)

MAA 6506: Functional Analysis (1301DH; 1401DH, 1501MI;1701ZL; 1801MI, 1908DH, 2108)
MAA 6508: Hilbert Spaces with Applications (1405ZN; 1505ZN; 1605JL/PM, 1705ET, 1901ZN, 2001PM)
MAA 6531: Analysis of Manifolds
MAA6938: Special Topics: Q-series (1401MI; 1701MI)
MAA6938: Special Topics: Analytic Number Theory (1601MI)
MAA6938: Special Topics: Mathematical Foundation of Machine Learning (1808CM)
MAA 7239: Asymptotic Methods in Mathematical Statistics (1608MP, 1708MP, 1908MP, 2101 )

MAD 5205: Graph Theory I (1308YZ; 1408ZS;1508ZS, 1708ZS, 1908YZ, 2008ZS)
MAD 6309: Graph Theory II (1401ZS; 1501ZS; 1601ZS, 1801ZS, 2108)

MAE 5935: Post-Secondary Mathematics (1805MC/LDP, 1905MC/LDP, 2005RM/LDP)

MAP 5117: Mathematical Modeling (1308RM; 1508RM, 1708BM, 2101)
MAP 5336: Ordinary Differential Equations and Applications (1301RC; 1401AT; 1501AT; 1601YQ; 1701YQ, 1801AT, 1908RC, 2105)
MAP 5426: Special Functions (1305 DR/RM; 1505RM; 1605RM, 1705RM, 1805RM)
MAP 5435: Advanced Mathematics for Engineers (1305RM; 1405RM, 1705HM, 1905JL, 2005AN)
MAP 5514: Linear and Nonlinear Waves I (1501DK)
MAP 5606: Differential Equations for Financial Mathematics   (1808ZS, 2101)
MAP 5612:  Computational Methods for Financial Mathematics I  (2001YL)
MAP 5641: Financial Mathematics I (1908CK, 2101)
MAP 5931: Research Seminar
MAP 5931: Proseminar for Financial Mathematics  (2001JY)
MAP 5933: Seminar in Financial Mathematics (2008JY)
MAP 6111: Mathematical Statistics (1308GR; 1501MP;1601MP; 1701MP, 1901MP, 2001MP)
MAP 6118: Introduction to Nonlinear Dynamics (1308RC, 1708RC, 2001RC)
MAP 6168: Mathematical Modeling II
MAP 6195: Mathematical Foundations for Massive Data Modeling and Analysis (1901TZ, 2001TZ)
MAP 6207: Optimization Theory (1501ZN; 1601JY; 1701TZ, 1908QS, 2008QS)
MAP 6218: Stochastic Calculus (1708JY,2108)
MAP 6356: Partial Differential Equations (1308AT; 1408AT; 1508YQ;1608RC; 1708ET, 1808GW, 2001YQ)
MAP 6383: Mathematical Methods for Image Analysis
MAP 6385: Applied Numerical Mathematics (1301BM; 1401BM; 1501QS; 1601ZN; 1701BM, 1801TZ, 1901CB, 2001CB, 2101)
MAP 6398: Multivariate Splines and Surface Fitting
MAP 6407: Integral Equations and the Calculus of Variations (1408DK; 1508ZN; 1608ZN, 1708BS)
MAP 6408: Perturbations and Asymptotic Methods (1301DR; 1501DR; 1601KV; 1701KV)
MAP6416: Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis (1608QS, 2001QS)
MAP 6419: Advanced Transform Methods (1601AT)
MAP 6420: Generalized Functions ()
MAP 6421: Integral Equations (1801ZN)
MAP 6424: Transform Methods (1401AT; 1501AK; 1608AT, 1808AT)
MAP 6438: Mathematical Fluid-Flow Theory I (1608SS)
MAP 6445: Approximation Techniques (1708RM, 1901QS, 2101)
MAP 6465: Wavelets and Their Applications (1408QS, 1801QS)
MAP6469 Bayesian Analysis and Approximation Theory (1508MP, 1801MP, 2008MP)
MAP 6507: Wave Propagation through Random Media
MAP 6616 Computational Methods for Financial Mathematics II (2008YL)
MAP 6642: Financial Mathematics II (2001CK)
MAP 6646 Risk Management for Financial Mathematics (1901CK, 2008CK)
MAP6938: Special Topic: Low Dimension Structure (1408MP)
MAP6938: Special Topic: Mathematical Modeling II (1301RM)
MAP6938: Special Topic: Inverse Problems (1401ZN, 1701ZN)
MAP6938 Special Topics: Q-Series (2001MI)
MAP 7119: Advanced Nonlinear Dynamics (1401SC; 1601SC, 1801SC)
MAP 7359: Advanced Topics in Partial Differential Equations (1901AT, 2008YQ)
MAP 7386: Numerical Solutions of PDE  (1801CS, 2101)
MAP 7439: Mathematical Fluid-Flow Theory II (1701SS)

MAS 5145: Advanced Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory (1308RM, 1408JL, 1508QS, 1608ZL, 1708ZL; 1808DH, 1908TZ, 2008DH)
MAS 5311: Algebra I (1308JB,1408JB, 1608JB, 1808JB, 2008JB)
MAS 6312: Algebra II (1501JB, 1701JB, 1901JB, 2101)

MAT 5712: Scientific Computing (1308BM, 1408DR, 1508ZS, 1608BM, 1708TZ, 1708DR, 1808CB,  1908CB, 2008GW)

MTG 5253: Introduction to Differential Geometry (1401JL, 1501JL, 1601AT, 1701AT; 1708RM, 1808SK, 2105)
MTG 5256: Differential Geometry (1401BG, 1601JL, 1701JL, 1901BG, 2101)


Special Courses

In order to register for any of the special numbers below, a student must present a signed Registration Agreement form obtained from the Department or College.

Special Grad Grad and Prof
Directed Independent Studies 5907 6908
Directed Research 5917 6918
Special Topics/Seminars 5937 6939
Internships, Practica, Clinical Practice 5944 6946
Cooperative Education 5949
Study Abroad 5957 6958
Research Report 6909
Thesis—Master’s 6971
Thesis—Specialist 6973
Doctoral Research 7919
Doctoral Special Topics/Seminars 7939
Doctoral Dissertation 7980