Graduate Courses

The UCF Math graduate program offers about 12 graduate courses per spring/fall semester. and 2 graduate courses per summer semester.  Its graduate courses have 6 Prefixes: MAA (Mathamatics: Analysis);  MAD (Mathematics: Discrete); MAE (Mathematics Education); MAP (Mathematics: Applied);  MAS (Mathematics: Algebraic Structures); MAT (Mathematics); MTG (Mathematics: Topology and Geometry).

Explore Math Graduate Courses at UCF for updated and detailed information about graduate courses offered by the program. If you do not see your courses listed, search among the graduate courses @UCF  and the undergraduate courses @UCF, or contact the graduate program coordinator.

The following is a list of graduate courses offered in the last few years. Information in the round bracket following the course number is the semester offered and abbreviation of instructors. The first two digit is the year, the next two digits are the semester (01 for spring semester, 05 for summer semester and 08 for fall semester), and the last two letters are the first letter of instructor’s first and last name, and different instructors may have the same abbreviation. For the courses planned to offer, the semester information after the course number is in red. Some of syllabi are downloadable via the hyberlink.