L. EulerWelcome to the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics at the University of Central Florida. This program is guided by the department’s goals to offer the best undergraduate program in mathematics in the State of Florida and to be a leader in the development of the technological expertise that is necessary for realizing Florida’s high-technology future.

To this end, the department offers coursework that provides contemporary approaches for solving mathematical problems. Graduates of the undergraduate degree program in mathematics can go on to further study in mathematics, in another area of science or to professional schools or they can find employment in a wide variety of fields. One of the reasons that our graduates have proven very attractive to employers is the skills that they have acquired for the analysis of problem solving and the analysis of data.

The department’s programs offer students opportunities to concentrate their studies not only in foundational mathematics but also in a number of areas of interdisciplinary mathematics. This provides students with the ability to focus their study on areas of particular interest. Students interested in the undergraduate program should consult as soon as it is practical with the Undergraduate Coordinator to coordinate their program of study.