Methods in Experimental Ecology I (PCB 6466)

Course Information
  • Time: Mondays and Wednesdays (1:00-2:20)
  • Room: Bio 305
  • Instructor: Dave Jenkins



Learn how to design, analyze and interpret experiments and quantitative observations. Introduction to modern statistical software and basic statistical methods needed to collect, organize and interpret data critically. For beginning graduate and senior undergraduate researchers, this course bridges between undergraduate stats and Methods II.


Recorded lectures are available on youtube

Week Videos etc. (before class) Reading (before class) In-class topics Assignments
1 Installing R & RStudio

RStudio Orientation (youtube)

Plot: generic X-Y Plotting

 R passes SAS in scholarly use

R is still hot and getting hotter

Much ado about p

But stats are > p

Hector Ch. 1 & Appendix

Course overview & goals

The new statistics

Intro to R & RStudio

Install software


Make a plot in R. Any plot.