NEA Sample Return Seminar: Mar 5, 2018

Lecturer: Humberto Campins, University of Central Florida

Dr. Humberto Campins has studied asteroids and comets for more than three decades and led a team that discovered water ice on asteroids in 2010. He is Pegasus Professor of Physics and Astronomy at UCF, he is a Co-Investigator on two NASA missions: OSIRIS-REx and CAESAR (comet sample return). He also served on NASA’s Asteroid Redirect Mission’s Formulation Assessment and Support Team (FAST) in 2015.

Topic: OSIRIS-REx Mapping and site selection

Recommended Readings:

Overcoming the Challenges Associated with Image-based Mapping of Small Bodies in Preparation for the OSIRIS-REx Mission to (100955) Bennu, by DellaGiustina et al. 2018, submitted to Journal of Geophysical Research

Recorded talk: click to view