Planetary Simulant Database: LMS-1 Lunar Mare Simulant

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Component Wt.%
Pyroxene 39.2
Anorthosite 23.8
Olivine 13.3
Glass 9.4
Basalt 9.0
Ilmenite 5.2

Bulk Chemistry

No data available

Physical Properties

No data available

Simulant Name: LMS-1 Lunar Mare Simulant
Current Status: Limited production
Developed By: University of Central Florida
Available From: CLASS Exolith Lab
Publications: N/A

The LMS-1 Lunar Mare Simulant has been developed by the CLASS Exolith Lab. It is a high-fidelity, mineral-based simulant appropriate for a generic or average mare location on the Moon. The simulant is not simply made of crushed terrestrial rocks, but accurately captures the texture of the regolith by combining mineral rock fragments (i.e., multimineralic grains).

The simulant is currently available in very limited amounts, with scaling ongoing.


Photograph of an LMS-1 prototype:

Image of the Chang’e 3 landing site at Mare Imbrium:

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