CLASS/FSI Seminars

Fall 2014

Date Speaker Title Abstract Recording
10/24/14 Dan Durda (SwRI) Asteroid Surfaces – Geology And Milli-g Dynamics Abstract Link
11/24/14 Barbara Cohen (MSFC) Lunar Flashlight: Mapping Lunar Surface Volatiles Using A Cubesat Abstract Link
12/24/14 Guy Consolmagno (Vatican Observatory) Is Vesta A Protoplanet? Abstract Link

Spring 2015

Date Speaker Title Abstract Recording
1/24/15 Phil Metzger (UCF) Compaction Of Regolith On The Moon, Asteroids, And Other Airless Bodies: By Vibration Or By Thermal Cycling? Abstract Link
2/24/15 Dan Scheeres (University of Colorado) Evidence For And Implications Of Cohesion In Rubble Pile Asteroids Abstract Link
3/24/15 Jocelyn Dunn (Purdue University, School of Industrial Engineering) Toward detecting human health and stress states via wearable devices and habitat systems data on a simulated long-duration Mars mission Abstract Link
3/24/15 Faith Vilas (Planetary Science Institute) What Can We Learn About The Space Weathering Of S-Complex Asteroids In The UV/Blue? Abstract Link
4/24/15 Larry Taylor (University of Tennessee at Knoxville) Space Weathering In Its Totality Abstract Link
4/24/15 Gal Sarid (FSI) It’s Icy Out There – Bulk Processing In Outer Solar System Minor Bodies Abstract Link
4/24/15 Lindy Elkins-Tanton (ASU) Planetesimals: Early Differentiation And Consequences For Planets Abstract Link
4/24/15 Justin Karl, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (UCF) Cheaper Private Suborbital Flight Opportunities On The Horizon- Research Implications Abstract Link

Fall 2015

Date Speaker Title Abstract Recording
9/24/15 Rodger Handberg (UCF) US Commercial Space Enterprise: Confronting Competition Domestically And Internationally Abstract Link
9/24/15 Jim Cantrell (Co-founder of SpaceX) The Role Of Rogue Thinkers And Doers In Human Progress Abstract Link
9/24/15 Dan Britt (UCF) Economics And Exploration: A Bit of Historical Perspective On The New Age Of Exploration Abstract Link
10/24/15 Charles F. Radley (Associate Fellow AIAA) Lunar Surface Operations – Major Cost Reduction By A Lunar Elevator Abstract Link
10/24/15 Patrick Michel (Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur) Asteroid Impact And Deflection Assessment (AIDA) Mission: Science Return And Technology Demonstration Abstract Link
11/24/15 Serkan Saydam (UNSW) An Integrated Economics Model Of ISRU In Support Of A Mars Colony Abstract Link
11/24/15 Jim Pawelczyk What Price A Martian? Human Limits To Exploring The Red Planet Abstract Link
11/24/15 Andrew Schuerger Hypobarophile Bacteria Capable Of Growth Under Martian Conditions Of 7 mbar, 0 C, And CO2-enriched Anoxic Atmospheres Abstract Link
12/24/15 Leslie Gertsch Asteroids, Economic Geology, And The Exploration Of Space Abstract Link
12/24/15 Scott Branting (Anthropology UCF) The Necessity Of Space-Based Monitoring Of Cultural Heritage Destruction In Syria And Iraq Abstract Link

Spring/Summer 2016

Date Speaker Title Abstract Recording
2/24/16 Kieran A. Carroll (CTO Gedex) Asteroid Surface Gravimetry, Weighing Boulders On Asteroids Abstract Link
2/24/16 Peter Brown (Western University, Canada) Physical Structure And Origin Of Meter-Sized Earth Impactors Abstract Link
2/24/16 Zoe Landsman (UCF Physics) Primitive Asteroids In The Mid-Infrared: Comparing Young And Old Families Abstract Link
3/24/16 David Carrier The Four Things You Need To Know About The Geotechnical Properties Of Lunar Soil Abstract Link
3/24/16 Noemi Pinilla-Alonso (FSI-UCF) James Webb Space Telescope: All I Want For My Birthday Abstract Link
5/24/16 Amalio Garrido (Drage CEO & Mate International) METALIQ: Passive High Gravimetric Density Sun-Independent Chemical Energy Storage Compatible With RFC (Regenerative Fuel Cells) And Surface ISRU (In-Situ Resource Utilization) Systems Abstract Link
6/24/16 Jordan Steckloff (Purdue University) SPINNING OUT OF CONTROL! How Sublimative Torques Alter And Destroy Cometary Bodies Abstract Link

Fall 2016

Date Speaker Title Abstract Recording
9/24/16 Antonio Paris (St. Petersburg College) The Moon: 3D Abstract Link
9/24/16 Sven Bilen (Penn State) An Overview Of The OSIRIS-3U CubeSat Mission To Investigate Ionospheric Heating Abstract Link
10/26/16 Cyril Opeil Thermo-Physical Properties of Carbonaceous Chondrites No info. Link
10/24/16 Terry Hurford (NASA Goddard) Tidal Activity on Phobos Abstract Link
11/24/16 Jim Rice (Planetary Science Institute) Mars Abstract Link
11/24/16 Vishnu Reddy (Planetary Science Institute) Dawn Mission Abstract Link
11/24/16 Will Grundy (Lowell Observatory) New Horizons Mission Abstract Link
11/24/16 Humberto Campins (OSIRIS-REX mission UCF) Osiris-REX Mission Abstract Link

Fall 2017

Date Speaker Title Abstract Recording
9/25/17 Yan Fernandez Ensemble Physical Properties of Cometary Nuclei No info. Link
10/9/17 Humberto Campins Spectral Diversity Among Primitive Asteroids: Implications of Origins of Bennu and Ryugu No info. Link
10/30/17 Dan Durda Impacts and Regolith No info. Link
10/31/17 Andrei Vedernikov Cloud Manipulation in Protoplanetary Dust Simulation No info. Link
11/13/17 Chris Bennett Extraterrestrial Contributions to the Prebiotic Inventory of the Early Earth from Meteorites No info. Link
11/20/17 Javier Licandro OSIRIS-REx Mission: Detailed Color-Ratio Maps of the Surface of a Primitive Asteroid using the OCAMS Camera Suite No info. Link

Spring 2018

Date Speaker Title Abstract Recording
2/12/18 Alan Rhodes Call Out For Next Generation SOFIA Science Experiment Abstract Link
2/19/18 Dr. Jesper Gjerloev How Do We Advance Our Understanding of Global Earth-Space Interactions? Abstract Link
2/28/18 Josh Colwell (UCF) Electrostatic surface properties of NEAs Abstract Link
3/5/18 Humberto Campins (UCF) OSIRIS-REx Mapping and site selection Abstract Link
3/5/18 Esther Beltran (FSI-UCF) Operational Challenges in Human Space Exploration: Radiation Protection and Risk Mitigation Strategies Abstract Link

Fall 2019

Date Speaker Title Abstract Recording
9/11/19 Alison Lowndes (NVIDIA) Fuelling the Artificial Intelligence Revolution with Gaming Abstract Link
9/25/19 Garrett Schieber (Georgia Tech) REVEALS research in ISRU Abstract Link
10/9/19 David Masten (Masten Space System) MSS’s Lunar program Abstract Link
10/22/19 Kelsi Singer (SwRI) Surface science with New Horizons data Abstract Link
11/6/19 Nicole Shumaker (Texas A&M) Building structures with regolith on the Moon Abstract Link
11/20/19 Vasco Guerra (Instituto Superior Tecnico of Lisbon) Oxygen production on Mars by non-equilbrium plasmas Abstract Link
12/4/19 Paul Abell (NASA JSC) Hayabusa 2 science update