Seminar Series: Larry Taylor, University of Tennessee at Knoxville

“Space Weathering In Its Totality”

Space weathering includes all those physical and chemical factors that affect an airless body in space, and presents deterrents to spectral interpretations by remote-sensing scientists.  We are fortunate to have the Moon, especially the lunar soils collected from the Apollo Missions, to use as a ‘paradigm’ for space weathering.  Having studied the rocks and soils of the Moon for some 45 years, has given this material scientist/lunatic some excellent insights into the processes operative on all airless bodies of the inner Solar System, albeit to differing degrees.  Thus, it is possible to predict the space weathering effects upon asteroids and mini-planets, Ceres and Vesta, moons of Mars, as well as Mercury.  The combined effects of bombardment by solar- and cosmic/galactic-particles/rays, micro-meteoroid impacts, and temperature variations accounts for the majority of space weathering.  It behooves us to brainstorm about these collective effects, in order to place this major planetary subject within its proper scientific perspective.

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