Sept 21, 2015

Lecturer: Nico Schmedemann [bio], Freie Universität Berlin

Topic: The Age and Cratering History of Phobos.

Key Questions:

  • How do we obtain an age from a planetary surface unit in general?
  • How Do we convert the lunar chronology from the Moon to Phobos?
  • What are the dynamical constraints for the proposed chronology systems for Phobos?
  • How do we to interpret the found ages on Phobos’ surface?

Recommended Readings:

Neukum and Ivanov (1994) Crater Size Distributions and Impact Probabilities on Earth from Lunar, Terrestrial-planet, and Asteroid Cratering Data. (Click here to view online)

Ivanov (2001) Mars-Moon cratering Rate ratios estimates. (Click hereto download)

Schmedemann et al. (2014) The age of Phobos and its largest crater – Stickney. (Click here to download)

Lecture Slides: Click here.

Adobe Connect Lecture Video: Click here.