What is a Degree Audit?

Your Degree Audit, also known as your myKnight Audit, tracks your progress towards your declared degree program.  You may obtain your Audit online and print a copy as needed. Check your Audit each semester to verify that all grades are properly assigned, that the courses you’ve completed are counting towards the appropriate requirements, and to check progress towards your graduation.  Learn more here: https://registrar.ucf.edu/myknight-audit/

Accessing your Audit

  1. Login at my.ucf.edu.
  2. Click the “Student Self Service” link text to open the Student Center.
  3. Locate the “Other Academic Information” dropdown.
  4. From the dropdown menu, select “Degree Audit / myKnightAudit”.
  5. Wait for the report to load.
  6. The Audit loads by default as an interactive report.  There is a button near the top to download it as a static PDF.

Reading your Audit

  • Your audit is split up into sections and subsections.
  • Any areas that are complete will be automatically “collapsed” or hidden.
  • Areas that are incomplete, or in progress, will be “expanded”.  If incomplete, it will have the text “not satisfied”.
  • All students will have a “Legend and Disclaimer” section, a “General Education” section, and a “State of Florida and Universtity Requirement” section.   If you have questions about General Education, State or University requirements, see a College of Sciences advisor.
    • Keep a special eye on your “UCF Grade Point Average”, which is in the “State of Florida” category, section B-3.  This GPA is what determines your academic standing in the university.
  • Below this, you’ll find your major requirements.  If you have questions about your major requirements, please see your departmental advisor.

Correcting your Audit

The audit may NOT be correct the first semester you are enrolled at UCF. A student’s transcript, test scores, etc. may NOT all have been evaluated at the time the audit was printed.

After ALL your transcripts and test scores have been received and evaluated (if you are unsure, contact the Registrar’s Office to verify), then you may email COSAudit@ucf.edu for assistance.

Requesting an Official Transcript

If your degree audit is not sufficient and you require a formal document, you’ll need to request an official transcript from the Registrar’s office.