The Degree Audit is a computer-generated evaluation of a student’s progress toward a specified degree program and is referred to as myKnight Audit. It is not an official transcript. Use your Degree Audit to check which degree requirements you have met and which you have not met. Audits are available prior to registration and should be brought to each advising session. You may obtain your Audit online and print a copy as needed.

Students should check their Degree Audit each semester to verify that all transfer credit has posted, all courses completed are counting towards the appropriate requirements, to verify that all grades were properly assigned, and to check progress towards graduation.

Using the Degree Audit

The MyKnight Audit:

In Spring 2016 UCF implemented the new myKnight degree audit. The myKnight Audit provides a record of a student’s academic progress toward completion of their academic degree or certificate program. This new audit provides the ability to:

  • review the courses you have taken, including in-progress courses.
  • see how many courses you need to complete a degree.
  • find more information about your transfer coursework.
  • register for required courses through a direct link to the registration system from courses required in their degree program.

The myKnight Audit can also assist students and advisors in planning for current and future courses as they pertain to the student’s degree requirements.

Degree requirements in the new myKnight Audit are being programmed for students that are in the catalog year 2010 and forward. Students with catalog years prior to this date will require special processing by your COSAS advisor.

For a guide to your myKnight audit, click here.

University Credit Hour Requirements:

Pay particular attention to the “University Credit Hour Requirement” Section of your degree audit.  Here you will find:

  • how many total hours of the required 120 you have successfully completed (HOURS ADDED), are currently registered for (IN-P), have planned (PLANNED) and need (NEEDS)
  • your “overall” GPA
  • how many total hours of the required 48 Semester hours of upper level courses  you have successfully completed (HOURS ADDED), are currently registered for (IN-P), have planned (PLANNED) and need (NEEDS)
  • your “UCF” GPA which determines your academic standing
How to Obtain Your Degree Audit Online:
  1. Go to
  2. Login to MyUCF using your NID and password (for help, use the links below the login section).
  3. Select “Student Self Service”
  4. Click on “My Academics”
  5. Select myKnight audit.

Updating your Degree Audit

To Have Your Degree Audit Updated or Corrected:

The audit may NOT be correct the first semester you are enrolled at UCF. A student’s transcript, test scores, etc. may NOT all have been evaluated at the time the audit was printed. If the audit is not correct after ALL transcripts and test scores have been received by the university and have been evaluated, then email for assistance. You can also contact the Registrar’s Office (Millican Hall 161, 407-823-3100) to verify that your transcript, test scores, etc. have been received by UCF.

NOTE: The date and time of your registration appointment can be found in your Student Self Service area in MyUCF, under the “Enrollment Appointment” box located below the “Holds” and “To-Dos” areas.