I have a COSAS Academic Hold placed on my account. What do I do next?

Students who are on academic probation have a COS “academic probation” hold on their student accounts, preventing them from registering. Students can confirm whether or not they are on Academic Probation by checking their account through My.UCF.edu. Once the hold is placed, students receive an email to their Knight’s account informing them of the hold, and how to have the hold released through the steps listed below. It is important to note that completing the Pegasus Plan successfully does not change the student’s academic standing. However, successful completion will release the COS “academic probation” hold.

About Academic Probation

A student is placed on academic probation when their UCF cumulative GPA drops below a 2.0. A student must receive at least a 2.0 term GPA each semester after being placed on probation to remain at the University. If a student fails to do so, he or she will be disqualified from the University. Students who are disqualified from the University immediately lose student status and must wait at least two semesters before they are eligible to apply for readmission. Readmission into the University is never guaranteed.

Students in the College of Sciences are informed that they have been placed on academic probation by an email (to their registered KnightsMail address) informing them of the College Of Sciences Academic Hold and by the appearance of the hold on their Student Self Service page in MyUCF. This hold prevents registration in future coursework until the student satisfies both the Pegasus Plan and Pegasus Workshop requirements at which point in time the hold is lifted. Once lifted, students are once again able to register for courses.

The COS Academic Hold returns each semester a student continues on Academic Probation and must be lifted once again by completing another Pegasus Plan and attending a Pegasus Workshop. Failure to complete these requirements can lead to students being unable to register for the following semester should no additional workshops be available, and as such students are advised to complete both requirements well before the withdrawal deadline each term.


The two exceptions to this policy are as follows:
  • All Freshmen who are on academic probation are required to meet with their First Year Advisor. A COSAS advisor would also be happy to meet with you after you’ve contacted your First Year Advisor.
  • All Regional Campus or Online Program students have additional options to complete their Pegasus Plan and Pegasus Workshop requirements. These are listed at the bottom of this page.

Step One: Pegasus Plan

The first step to removing the COS Academic Hold is to complete the Pegasus Plan with your major or departmental advisor. The Pegasus Plan is designed to get students in touch with their major advisor to discuss their coursework for the current semester, plan out what courses are still required to reach graduation, and to develop a plan for the following semester that will allow a student to work towards graduation while improving their GPA requirements.

Credit for the Pegasus Plan will be earned by uploading the approved/signed plan to the appropriate term’s Webcourses. (remember that all Pegasus Plans are for the following term to help you plan future terms)

To download the plan please click here: Pegasus Plan

To complete the plan, students should first contact their departmental advising office (using the contact information listed to the right) for instructions on how to meet with your major/ department advisor. Students should bring a printed copy of the Pegasus Plan to their advising meeting and work out a suitable schedule for the subsequent term. Have your department advisor sign off on the Pegasus Plan.

Remember: The Pegasus Plan requires both your signature and that of your departmental advisor. Plans with either of these missing will not be accepted.

COS Departments/Faculty Advising Offices:
  • Anthropology – 407-823-2227 or HPH309
  • Biology – 407-823-2141 or BL301
  • Chemistry/Forensic Science – 407-823-2246 or PS255
  • Nicholson School of Communication & Media – 407-823-2681 or NSC143
  • Mathematics – 407-823-6284 or MAP207
  • Physics – 407-823-2325 or PS430
  • School of Politics, Security & Int. Affairs – 407-823-2608 or HPH302
  • Psychology – 407-823-2219 or PSY250
  • Sociology/Social Sciences – 407-823-3744 or HPH403
  • Statistics & Data Science – 407-823-2289 CC2-212

Step Two: Pegasus Webcourse

In addition to completing the Webcourses assignments, all students who are “Continued on Academic Probation” are required to have a “Check-in” discussion with their COSAS advisor to have their hold lifted. Once students have completed their Pegasus Plan with their departmental advisors, they must upload the Pegasus Plan to Webcourses. The “Check-in” COSAS advising appointment is an opportunity for students to learn about free academic and tutoring resources, important policies and deadlines, the degree audit and major requirements, and to give students a chance to ask questions with their College of Sciences academic advisor. If you are an on-line student or attend a regional campus (natural science majors excluded) you may complete this check-in appointment by phone once the Webcourse is completed.


We strongly recommend students to complete the COS On-Line Pegasus Workshop through Webcourses before the Withdrawal Deadline in order to learn how to avoid Academic Dismissal (such as withdrawing from courses that may lead to academic dismissal). While additional workshops may be offered after this date, the majority of options for ensuring preservation of UCF Student Status will no longer be available. Once a student has completed their Webcourses Pegasus Workshop and turned in their signed/approved Pegasus Plan their COS Academic Hold will be removed (typically within 48 business hours).

Regional/Online Students

For students who attend UCF Regional Campuses or are enrolled in an Online Only major, additional options are available for satisfying the Pegasus Plan and Pegasus Workshop.To determine if your major or campus is included in this group, please visit the UCF Regional Campuses website.

Student who are attending Regional UCF Campuses are responsible for submitting a Pegasus Plan completed with a Regional Advisor to COSAS. The Pegasus Plan should be for the subsequent term and it should clearly list a contact phone number for the student. The student will then need to upload the approved Pegasus Plan to Webcourses and complete the Quiz also through Webcourses.