October 29, 2019

Departmental Advising

Every student has a major departmental advising office available to assist them with specific concerns in relation to their degree. The departmental advisor is typically a faculty member or administrator that works specifically with your major and is an expert in your field of study. Departmental advisor availability varies from major to major, so please contact your program directly for additional information:

Anthropology Dr. Ty Matejowsky HPH 309G 407-823-4611 Ty.Matejowsky@ucf.edu
Actuarial Science Dr. Nizam Uddin TC2 208 407-823-2692 Nizam.Uddin@ucf.edu
Biology Ms. Sandra Tabert BIO 301 407-823-2141 Sandra.Tabert@ucf.edu
Chemistry Dr. Matthew Rex CHM 208 407-823-1260 Matthew.Rex@ucf.edu
Nicholson School of Communication & Media NSC 143 407-823-2681 NASSC@ucf.edu
Forensic Science Dr. Tamra Legron-Rodriguez CHM 325 407-823-1167 Tamra.Legron-Rodriguez@ucf.edu
Mathematics Dr. Maria Capursi MSB 115 407-823-2697 Maria.Capursi@ucf.edu
Physics Dr. Elena Flitsiyan PSB 430 407-823-2325 Elena.Flitsiyan@ucf.edu
School of Politics, Security, & International Affairs Dr. Annabelle Conroy HPH 302 407-823-5910 Annabelle.Conroy@ucf.edu


Psychology Ms. Karen Cox PSY 250 407-823-2219 Psychadvising@ucf.edu
Sociology Dr. Michael Armato HPH 409 407-823-0758 Michael.Armato@ucf.edu
Social Sciences Dr. Michael Armato HPH 409 407-823-0758 Michael.Armato@ucf.edu
Statistics & Data Science Dr. Nizam Uddin

Dr. Gary Leavens (Data Science)

TC2 208

HEC 329


  • 407-823-4758


Please visit your Departmental Advisor for:
  • Major Specific Questions
  • Class Scheduling
  • Course Content Questions
  • Internships
  • Independent Studies
  • Career Information