October 31, 2019

Minors and Certificates


Minors are authorized only for certification with baccalaureate degrees. Minors must be certified at the same time as the student’s baccalaureate degree. Unless a second baccalaureate degree is earned, certification will not be made at a later time even if additional courses have been completed.

A student may declare a minor up to but no later than the submission of the online Intent to Graduate Form. However, students are strongly urged to declare a minor as early as possible. Contact the COSAS as soon as possible should you have any questions on declaring a minor.

You can find all available minors here: http://catalog.ucf.edu/


An undergraduate Certificate is a supplement to the bachelor’s degree program/major. Certificates are optional. Students must be admitted in a degree seeking program to be eligible to receive an undergraduate Certificate, and a Certificate will only be granted together with completion of a UCF baccalaureate degree. All graduation requirements (i.e. the certificate and major/minor) must be from the same UCF Undergraduate Catalog for which a student is eligible. Certificates can be declared or changed online at https://my.ucf.edu.

You can find all available certificates here: http://catalog.ucf.edu/