November 6, 2019

Academic Standing

What is Academic Probation at UCF?

A student is placed on academic probation when their UCF cumulative GPA drops below a 2.0. A student must receive at least a 2.0 term GPA the each semester after being placed on probation to remain at the University. Students on academic probation have mandatory programming and requirements to retain their UCF student status. Click here to find out more about academic probation.

I’ve been Disqualified (lost student standing due to low academic performance), what can I do now?

If you have been disqualified, your first step should be to print and follow the Academic Success Checklist. This checklist lists best practices, suggestions, and ideas for self assessment and identifying what priorities are most important in a student’s studies. The most important thing disqualified students should keep in mind is that you still have options, and that there are many paths to completion of undergraduate studies. You should also review our Readmission website for additional instructions on what is required to return to UCF.

What is COS Explore?

The College of Sciences COS Explore programming is an early warning intervention program targeting participating majors within the STEM disciplines. This program is designed to alert students of the minimum major GPA requirements for their chosen degree, educate students on how the major GPA is calculated, encourage those who are not satisfying the major GPA to seek additional counseling and advising, and to offer students a non-judgmental environment to discuss their major selection and develop parallel plans of study to pursue. Visit our COS Explore page for additional information.

What are the Pegasus Workshop and Pegasus Plan?

Students who are on academic probation have a COS “mandatory advisement” hold on their student accounts, preventing them from registering. This hold returns each semester a student continues on Academic Probation and must be lifted once again by completing another Pegasus Plan and attending a Pegasus Workshop. Failure to complete these requirements can lead to students being unable to register for the following semester should no additional workshops be available, and as such students are advised to complete both requirements well before the withdrawal deadline each term. Click here to find out the specific requirements necessary to complete the Pegasus Workshop and Pegsaus Plan.

I’ve been Discontinued (lost student status due to non-enrollment for 2 or more semesters), how can I return to UCF?

Students who have been discontinued for non-enrollment will need to contact the UCF Registrar’s office for additional information.

How can I pursue a Second Undergraduate Degree at UCF after graduation?

Students who are seeking a second undergraduate degree at UCF should contact the UCF Registrar’s office to determine if they are eligible for readmission.