November 6, 2019

Common Questions

Who are my advisors?
Each student has several advisors to work with based upon their major selection. For students in the College of Sciences, you will have a College Advisor (which assists with general questions, academic standing, degree audit, and graduation) and also a Departmental Advisor (which assists with major-specific questions, internships, and discipline specific knowledge).
Where are you located?
COSAS is located on the UCF main campus on the 2nd floor of the College of Sciences Building (room CSB 250). The College of Sciences building is right across from the Student Union Smoothie King. For a picture of the building an a detailed map to our location click here.
I am unable to sign up for classes, help!
There are many reasons that registration may be closed for you:

  • Holds or To-Dos: First make sure that you do not have any holds or To-do’s on your account. Those are view-able on the student self-service page of MyUCF. Holds are the #1 most common issue for preventing registration and typically must be satisfied in order to register for courses. To find out what you will need to do to satisfy your hold, click the “details” link beneath it on your MyUCF student self-service page.
  • Enrollment Appointments: Also another issue could be that enrollment appointments are not open yet. That can also be checked on your MyUCF student self-service page (just below the holds and to-dos area). Each student has a specific day and time that they are able to register for the next semester. This section of your student self-service page shows the specific time you are able to enroll.
  • Other concerns: Please stop by our office if you are unable to figure out the problem.
I have an Academic Probation Hold, how can I lift it?
Students who are on academic probation have a COS hold on their student accounts, preventing them from registering. Students can confirm whether or not they are on academic probation by checking their account through MyUCF. This hold ensures that COS students connect with their advisors, receive basic University policy information, and are informed of the options available to address his or her academic standing. For more information on what is required to lift the Academic Probation Hold click here.
I have a Mandatory Advisement Hold, how can I lift it?
You are not meeting major requirements for your declared degree program. Information on how to proceed with the hold will be emailed to you via UCF email. For some students with the Mandatory Advisement Hold the COS Explore programming may be required. Should you need additional assistance please email our office at
I have a non-College of Sciences Hold, how can I lift it?
Holds may be placed on your record for various reasons. Holds may restrict your ability to register, receive grades, transcripts or your diploma. For instructions on how to clear or remove a hold, please follow the instructions displayed when viewing your hold on the MyUCF portal. COSAS cannot remove a hold that was placed by a different department or college so make sure you are contacting the correct office.
Who can I talk with to plan my schedule?
For scheduling planning you should speak with your department advisor. Departmental advisors will have the most up-to-date information on what classes in your major are being offered, what instructors best align with your future goals, and can offer additional insights into the course content of the chosen class. To find the contact information for your departmental advisor click here.
What do I need to do before Orientation?
Freshman and Transfer Students entering the College of Sciences, visit UCF Orientation Services at for more complete information.