November 6, 2019

MyUCF Questions

How do I register for courses in MyUCF?

Students register for courses in MyUCF through their student self-service portal. For step by step instructions on how to register for courses click here.

Where do I go to access Webcourses?

The UCF Webcourses system is the primary tool for online courses to provide students with content and materials. Webcourses can be accessed through MyUCF via a gray tab called “Online Course Tools” at the top of the page once a student logs in or by logging in directly at the Webcourses Website.

How do I add/change/remove my major, minor or certificate program?

For step by step instructions on how to modify your declared degree programs see the guide provided here.

What is the difference between a Hold and a To Do?

Holds may be placed on your record for various reasons including: failure to turn in the appropriate paper work, parking infractions, advisement required, orientation required, failure to complete a loan entrance or exit interview, as well as failure to pay a university debt. Holds may restrict any or all of the following: registration, grades, transcripts or diploma. For instructions on how to clear or remove a hold, please follow the instructions displayed when viewing your hold on the myUCF portal.The To Do List may contain items that you need to complete for Student Financial Assistance (SFA) or other offices within the UCF community. Students receiving financial aid should regularly check their To Do List. Failure to submit the items requested will delay your financial aid from being processed. As a result,  your financial aid may not be posted on your account before the fee payment deadline.