March 19, 2024

Readmission to UCF

I was Disqualified in the past (lost student standing due to low academic performance), but I'm now ready to reapply. What is the next step?

You’ll need to Complete both the University application, and a separate College of Sciences application. All information can be found on our Readmission page.

If you have a COS hold appearing in your MyUCF account following your recent readmission status, you may have forgotten to fill out the College of Sciences application. If you completed both steps and have waited a reasonable period of time, you can email to inquire further.

I’ve been Discontinued (lost student status due to non-enrollment for 2 or more semesters), how can I return to UCF?

Students who have been discontinued for non-enrollment will need to contact the UCF Registrar’s office for additional information.

How can I pursue a Second Undergraduate Degree at UCF after graduation?

Students who are seeking a second undergraduate degree at UCF should contact the UCF Registrar’s office to determine if they are eligible for readmission.