May 18, 2022

Free/Unrestricted Electives List

Not all students will need Free/Unrestricted Electives, however, some may for a variety of reasons. Reasons you may take unrestricted electives:

  • Need more credits to reach 120 the unduplicated credits your degree requires.
  • Need more upper level (3000-4000 level) credits to meet your 42 upper level requirement.
  • Need credits to be full time and still working on prerequisites before you can take more major courses.
  • Need an online option over the summer.
  • Personal interest.
  • Balancing out a heavy schedule with something interesting.

Click here: Meaningful Electives SUM.FALL Orientation 2022 for some options, but these are not the only options, ask an advisor if you have questions about taking an elective.