May 30, 2024

Course Planning

What’s my UCF ID? GEP Classes Major Courses
  • Use your GEP (General Education Program) Sheet to plan your schedule. You need:
    • One course from each of the 12 GEP Areas (gray headers).
    • One diamond (state core) course from each of the 5 categories (black headers).
    • One civic literacy course (AMH 2020 or POS 2041 from GEP 10).
    • Four GRW courses – ENC 1101, ENC 1102, and two additional courses.
  • If you haven’t completed the ECE, and you have prior college-level credits, it will be difficult to plan. Complete the ECE to ensure you don’t register for unnecessary courses.
  • If you have earned an A.A. degree in the state of Florida, your GEP classes are complete. Focus on Major courses.