November 5, 2019

Transient Credits

The transient form provides approval to take courses at another institution before you take the course. You should file an online transient form if you plan on registering for courses at another Florida public institution on a temporary basis. The purpose of the transient form is to check whether a course will be accepted for your degree prior to taking the course. It’s also required to link your financial aid between institutions when transient. A transient form must be filed for each semester you wish to take classes elsewhere.

The online process to file for transient status through Florida Shines can be found through the UCF Registrar’s Office: Transient Students resource.

Remember: Once you complete your course don’t forget to request your transcripts! Transcripts do not get sent automatically to UCF by the transient school. You must report all credit taken at other institutions to UCF, so make sure you request final official transcripts as soon as they become available at your transient institution with your final grade(s).

Transient Student Approval Forms (Paper Version):

Paper versions of Transient Student Approval Forms for Non-SUS of Florida institutions are available in COSAS (CSB 250) and also online in the Registrar’s Office (MH 161, 823-3100).

If you have any questions about this process, please contact COSAS at