January 8, 2020

What steps do I need to take to apply for Readmission within the College of Sciences?

Before applying for Readmission following a Disqualified or Exclusion status, please take a moment to review the minimum criteria listed below, which must be met in order to be considered for readmission support from the College of Sciences:

  • MUST Complete the University application to determine if you are eligible to apply.  Note that the University and COS applications are term-specific, so if you previously applied and were encouraged to re-apply at a later date, you must complete a new application for the intended term of readmission. Go to the Registrar’s web site for details on the University application: https://registrar.ucf.edu/readmission-application/
  • Completion of an AA degree from a Florida public institution if General Education and Gordon Rule requirements were not previously met at UCF. The AA degree should either be in progress or posted to an applicant’s transcript when submitting an application to the College of Sciences.
  • Completion of the UCF minimum two term academic suspension period.
  • Completion of all lower level courses (1000 and 2000 level) including General Education Program, Gordon Rule, college level foreign language (if required based on major), and Common Program Prerequisite courses of major (see catalog.ucf.edu for program most current Program of Study). These courses should be completed with grades of B (without multiple attempts to do so) or better if completing following disqualification, which will help to provide evidence of success in the major.
  • Courses completed outside of the Florida public institution system will need to be evaluated and may not transfer into your major requirements seamlessly.
  • Strong evidence (demonstrated in coursework completed after disqualification and personal statement) of academic potential in coursework relevant to chosen major.
  • Resolution of previous circumstances contributing to disqualification or exclusion, which should be addressed in the COS application.
  • UCF grade point deficiency must be below 30. For readmission purposes, the grade point deficiency is defined as the number of UCF credit hours needed at B (3.0 GPA) grade to raise the UCF grade point average to 2.0.

The College of Sciences strongly encourages applicants not to apply for or begin readmission in the summer terms. Summer sessions are compressed and do not maximize the probability of success.

If you believe you meet these criteria:

Step 1: If you have not already done so, please complete the appropriate application found on the Registrar’s website (found here), and pay close attention to their deadlines.

Step 2:

Apply for College Support

Please note: Application for College Support is only for students who have been academically dismissed from the University, or if the letter received from the Registrar’s Office indicated that you are required to obtain written favorable recommendation from the College of Sciences.

Readmission applicants who meet these criteria, as determined by the COS Readmission Review Committee, will be given priority in the review process.

Please note that this process does take 2-4 weeks, and possibly longer if additional documentation is requested by the committee. The COSAS Readmission Review Committee meets on a weekly basis during the term only to examine each application and discuss applicants’ eligibility based on the material submitted. Applicants are highly encouraged to explore other academic alternatives while awaiting their decision.

Deadlines for Submissions:

The deadlines for Request for College Support submissions are as follows:

  • Fall Semesters: July 1st
  • Spring Semesters: November 1st
  • Summer Semesters: April 1st