August 27, 2020

Late Add or Late Swap Petitions

COSAS will only consider student petitions during the second week of the semester or the second week of the session in the summer semester. These include petitions from students to late add a course or late swap (add/drop) one course for another. Petitions will only be considered if the following conditions are met:

  • A fully completed petition has been submitted from the student’s ucf email account to no later than 11:59PM on Friday of the second week of the semester.*
    • Download COS Late Add/Late Swap Petition forms
    • The COS Late Add/Late Swap Petition forms must include the following:
      • Late Add/Late Swap Intake Form (Pages 1 and 2 – completed by student)
      • Late Add/Late Swap Support Form (Page 3 – completed by advisor (Step 1) and instructor (Step 2))
      • Late Add/Late Swap Acknowledgement form (Page 4 – completed by student)
    • For some petitions, other forms may be required and provided by the advisor or instructor such as
      • Override form
      • Undergraduate Registration Agreement (URA)
    • The student has met with a departmental advisor from the department that offers the course and the advisor has completed Step 1 of Late Add/Late Swap Support Form.
    • The instructor is willing to add the student to the course and has completed Step 2 of Late Add/Late Swap Support Form including providing information on how student can proceed (e.g., make up assignments) so they have the opportunity to succeed in the course. Please note that instructors are in no way obligated to support student petitions for late adds/swaps.
    • The student does not have any holds on record that may block registration.
      • Petitions from students with holds blocking registration at the time petition is emailed to will be denied.
      • If a hold becomes active AFTER the petition is received, the student will be contacted and given a brief time to lift the hold.

*Petitions received after 11:59PM will be denied.


Exception: Late Add Petitions for independent study, directed research, practicums and internships

COSAS will consider late add petitions for restricted registration courses after the second week, if extenuating circumstances prevented on-time enrollment and assuming the following conditions are met:

    • Assigned work can be successfully completed within the remainder of the semester.
    • Student and instructor completed an individual agreement using the required Undergraduate Registration Agreement form submitted to COSAS.
    • Note: Course can be for credit or for no credit.
Late Drop Petitions

Students wanting to petition to drop a class after the add/drop/swap deadline can do so in Academic Services at  Click on Petition Eligibility.

If the drop is needed due to college or department error, students may petition the drop by sending an email to  We will respond with instructions and an appropriate form.