The committee will be composed of one member from each academic unit in the college, to be elected by each unit, and a chair appointed by the dean. The elected members should be active in research and/or creative activities. Except for the chair, no more than one member will serve from a single unit. Members will serve two-year staggered terms. Members may serve successive terms.

Department Name Term
Anthropology Neil Duncan 2022-2024
Biology John Fauth 2021-2023
Chemistry Yulia Gerasimova 2022-2024
Mathematics Abey Lopez-Garcia 2022-2024
NSCM Bridget Rubenking 2023-2025
Physics Daniel Britt 2023-2025
Psychology Widaad Zaman 2023-2025
Sociology Scott Carter 2022-2024
SPSIA Andrew Boutton 2022-2024
Statistics & Data Science Bill Huang 2023-2025