Seminar Series: Economic Geology of Lunar and Asteroid Resources

Throughout the Spring 2020 academic semester the University of Central Florida, CLASS, and the Florida Space Institute are sponsoring a graduate seminar in “Economic Geology of Lunar and Asteroid Resources”. The speakers will be recognized international experts in science and technology and there will be an opportunity for all in-person and remote participants to ask questions and interact with the speakers. The seminar series is open to all scientists and engineers interested in the subject. Seminar talks last roughly 50 minutes with 30 minutes for discussion. The links below include the recorded talks, recommended readings and brief biographies of the speakers. If you would like to be on the mailing list, please contact us.

Weekly Lecture Topics

Date & Time Speaker Title
6-Jan, EDT Dan Britt (UCF) Introduction to Extraterrestrial Economic Geology
13-Jan, EDT Dan Britt (UCF) Mineral Evolution
20-Jan, EDT David Kring (LPI) Lunar Geology
27-Jan, EDT Brett Denevi (NASA APL) The Lunar Highlands
3-Feb, EDT Clive Neal (Notre Dame) The Lunar Mare
10-Feb, EDT Kevin Cannon (UCF) Lunar Polar Water Deposits
17-Feb, EDT Phil Metzger (UCF) Operating on the Moon
24-Feb, EDT Clive Neal (Notre Dame) The Lunar Surface Environment
2-Mar, EDT Steve Desch Asteroids: In the Beginning
16-Mar, EDT Dan Britt (UCF) Physical Evolution of Asteroids
23-Mar, EDT Dan Britt (UCF) Prospecting Asteroid Resources
30-Mar, EDT Addie Dove (UCF) Mining in Microgravity
6-Apr, EDT Josh Colwell (UCF) Asteroid Surface Hazards: Dust, Toxic materials, Charging
13-Apr, EDT Angel Abbud-Madrid (CSM) Martian Resources
20-Apr, EDT Kevin Cannon (UCF) Simulating Lunar, Martian and Asteroid Regoliths
27-Apr, EDT Dan Britt (UCF) Wrap-up: The geologic context for a space gold rush