May 30, 2024


COSAS Course Overrides ENC 1102 Overrides Other Overrides How to Search for Classes
(Registration Lab Presentation)
  • Build your shopping cart. If you need help, see How to Search for Classes.
  • At 3pm, Enroll by checking out your shopping cart. Examine any errors you receive.
  • If you need further classes to fill your schedule (such as if your preferred classes are unavailable) you may wish to consider taking a “Free Elective”.
  • Complete the COSAS Schedule Checkout once you’ve finished registering. When prompted, raise your hand and wait for an advisor to sign off on your schedule.
    • Afterwards, you’ll be prompted to complete the FTIC Orientation Checkout as well.
You must leave the registration lab no later than 4:30pm. You may continue to add, drop and swap classes at home now that your orientation hold is lifted.
COSAS Schedule Checkout