November 4, 2019


The override process varies by situation and department, but for any override, you will need the following:

  • Full Course Number (Course Prefix & Number)
  • Course Name
  • Section Number
  • CRN (Unique class number for the section)
  • The error that is preventing you from registering for which you want an override.

In all cases, override is not guaranteed.  Be prepared to provide strong reasoning & documentation.

Type of Override Reason for Override Where to Request the Override
Pre-requisite Student has completed the prerequisite but is still receiving a prereq error – perhaps the course is not yet properly recorded in the system. College that hosts the course.  For College of Science (COS), scroll down on this page for the override link.
Class Limit Student would like to request admission to a full or closed course. Department that hosts the course. For COS departments, visit Departmental Advising.
Time Conflict Student would like to request admission to two courses whose times overlap with one another. Both Professors must agree, then contact the Departments that host both courses. For COS departments, visit Departmental Advising.
Term Unit Load Student would like to take more than the maximum number of credit hours allowed in a semester (17 in fall/spring, 14 in summer) Department of student’s major. For COS departments, visit Departmental Advising.
Instructor Consent Student would like to enroll in a course that requires Instructor Consent (C.I.) Contact the professor and they will provide instructions if they consent.

Please note a college can only process overrides for courses they teach, i.e. the College of Sciences cannot process and override for ENC 1102 since that course is taught by the College of Arts and Humanities.  Check that your course is indeed hosted by College of Sciences before submitting a request.

Commonly Mistaken for COS Courses College to Petition
ENC 1101 and ENC 1102 CAH
All Honors Courses BHC
ACG 2021 and ACG 2071 BA
MCB 3020, ZOO 3733C, ZOO 3744, PCB 3703C, PCB 3233 COM

Needed for your Prerequisite Override

Before continuing the override process make sure you have access to the following:

  1. UCF ID (7 digit ID number, no letters)
  2. Course Name, Section #, and CRN (Course Number)
  3. Status of class (Open, Closed, or Waitlisted)
  4. Picture of photo ID (Student ID or Driver’s License)
  5. Proof of pre-requisite(s).  If taken at UCF, degree audit.  If taken at another public Florida institution- unofficial transcripts or screen captures showing full name, institution name, course number and grade.

College of Sciences Override Request Form