November 4, 2019


Many questions about registration can be answered at

Before You Register
  • Check the Academic Calendar for all the important dates for Registration, Add/Drop, and Late Registration.
  • Check for To Do items and Registration Holds in your MyUCF Student Center.
  • Find your Enrollment Appointment Date (Located under your “To Do”s in the Student Center).
    • This is not a date for an in-person appointment; it is the day and time you can begin registering for classes for a certain term. You may then continue to register until the Add/Drop/Swap deadline.
    • If you register for your first course that term during Late Registration and/or Add/Drop, you will be charged $100 Late Registration Fee.
  • View your Degree Audit and Meet with an Advisor to understand how to read it.
Class Schedule Search
Registering for Classes Online
  1. Add classes from the Search to your Shopping Cart.
  2. When you’re satisfied, select the button at the bottom of the Shopping cart labeled “Proceed To Step 2 Of 3.
  3. Answer the prompts and then Click Finish Enrolling.
  4. You will receive a status message for each class enrollment that indicated either successful registration (green check mark) or an error (red X).
  5. View and verify your Class Schedule. Select My Class Schedule tab to display the List View option or the Weekly Calendar View option.
  6. There are a few common errors you may encounter while registering.
Error When Registering, But You Would Still Like To Pursue Enrollment (Override) Into A Course:

Error Examples and how to follow up:

  • Requisite Not Met For A Class: If you believe you have met the prerequisite, submit proof of the requisite (ex. transcript or previous course schedule) online at request an override.
  • Class is Full: Pursue the override with the department that offers the course.  (The department is listed in the details of the course search, or find the course in the undergraduate catalog).
  • Class Limit Exceeded: You are only permitted to register yourself for 17 credit hours (Spring & Fall terms) and 14 credit hours (Summer term).  If you feel you need to go over the credit limit, you must contact your major advisor for permission.
  • Instructor’s Consent Required: You must contact the instructor or the department that offers the course to pursue the override.